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Singapore 6-day tour

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  • Departure time / 2019-10-24
  • Travel days / 6 days
  • People / and friends
  • Per capita cost / 5000RMB

Before you travel, a treasure applies for a visa (290RMB/person), and purchases a telephone card and transportation card. It should be noted that when buying a phone card, you must see if it can only use data and cannot make calls, that is, the one without a phone number. I didn't see clearly this time, the data card I bought was very inconvenient. Regarding the transportation card, we arrived at the T2 terminal. When we got off the plane, we turned left and walked towards the direction of entry. Find the Changi Recommends counter and pick it up with the e-mail sent to you after the purchase. There is this counter in every terminal. There are people on duty 24 hours a day and can communicate in both Chinese and English.
The transportation card can take the subway or BUS, and you can pay at convenience stores and shopping malls. If the transportation card is not refunded, it can be used within 5 years.

10.24 Wuhan - Singapore 20: 00-01: 00, the fare is 665, because the Singapore accommodation quite expensive, after we arrived at the airport and did not immediately go downtown, eat at the airport in Hamburg Wang, went around the duty-free shops, and then found a chair that could lie down relatively, and slept for about three hours under the blanket he brought. I entered the city in the morning.
10.25 St Andrew's Church - National Gallery - Merlion Park - Sands Hotel - super tree light show - Gardens by the Bay
Check Singapore banker Hotel (590 / room).
Morning from Singapore At the airport, follow the train to city signs to the subway station. If you don’t understand or don’t know how to use the transportation card, it doesn’t matter. Every subway station has a Chinese-speaking staff who will tell you how to recharge and how to use it. How do you take the car, how to transfer, super patient.

Take the airport to Tanah Merah station, then follow the direction of the subway, get off from the left hand side and change to the green line, and you will see the to city sign.

Take the subway to Lavender Station, walk up and down the escalator at Exit B for about a few hundred meters, and see a tall building with Hotel Boss written on it. The front desk staff can speak Chinese. We are almost nine o'clock. The hotel I arrived on right and left happened to have a well-packed room. The front desk directly checked in for us without overcharging. There was no deposit required for booking wherever I went. I was so happy that I had no friends, but the room was really small. All boxes are choking open. As I stayed at the airport last night and didn't sleep much, I fell asleep when I arrived at the hotel. It wasn't until about twelve o'clock that he was hungry before he went out for food again.
Before I left, I didn't read the food guide, and then I opened Meituan, searched for nearby restaurants, and decided to try it when I saw a good score. The location of the Hotel Maker in Singapore is very convenient. We found a Tolido's Espresso Nook, which is said to be the top all-day Brunch store in the country. It takes only two minutes to walk across the road from the hotel. When you go there, you have to wait. There is a notebook at the door. Write your name, number of people, and phone number. If you have a place, you will be called. There is no place to wait a few minutes.

Full English menu, no pictures. We all saw the pictures posted by others in the comments and ordered meals according to the pictures. Actually the taste is good, but I am a bit uncomfortable with it. We ordered two foods and two drinks. RMB 100 per person.
After dinner we took the bus to go to the St. Andrew's church, opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9: 00-17: 00 (open Wednesday at 9:45), Sunday 9: 00-13: 30. free. Buses in Singapore need to beckon at the BUS station to stop. When you get off the bus, you have to press the button on the handrail, and the station is not reported. Download the Google Maps APP to easily check the bus route.
San Andre The church is Singapore 's largest Anglican church, but also in Singapore one of the most precious architectural works. Existing St. Andrew After the original building was struck by lightning twice, the church was designed by Colonel Ronald McPherson and built in 1857, so it has a strong neo-gothic architectural style; in 1973 it was officially listed as a national monument with a towering spire, and its glossy white appearance, so that in this one area alone blossomed.

Walk around the church, we went to the Singapore National Gallery, walked over with Google Navigation also a few minutes. The art gallery is free for locals. Visitors have to buy 25 Singapore dollars for tickets, which is equivalent to 125RMB. We bought 55RMB at Meituan. After entering, each library has staff and free Chinese explanations. It's basically all in English. Let's take a look around. It takes about two hours to take pictures.

Walk around the art museum, then walk to the Merlion Park, passing on the way the Singapore Government House, Singapore is small, basically famous sights in the city center.
Merlion Park to Singapore one of the iconic sights, representing Singapore The image of the Merlion spit out a powerful jet of water. Is Singapore's smallest park, the park has an open-air stands, visitors can embark on the front of the Merlion camera can hold a variety of performing arts and entertainment in the stands, the park features a station, shopping and restaurants for visitors Take a group photo and rest. The Merlion Park is adjacent to Binhai Bend, and the opposite is the Golden Sands Hotel. The breeze is slow, and it is very pleasant to walk in the park.

Then walked to the Sands Hotel, known as the most expensive hotel in the world. It cost 4 billion pounds to build. It has an outdoor swimming pool, a viewing platform, and a luxury casino open to guests. The outdoor swimming pool is built on the top of the hotel’s 57-story tower with a height of 650 feet. (198 m), overlooking Singapore's cityscape.
The hotel also has a "floating" crystal pavilion, a museum in the shape of a lotus, a variety of advanced products and retail stores of international luxury brands, exquisite and stylish celebrity chef restaurants, endless cinema entertainment, and a passionate nightclub and a Las Vegas -style casino.

(The picture comes from the Internet)

You can go swimming and sightseeing on the roof for free when you stay in the hotel. Book in advance online. If it is not the peak season, the cheapest hotel is about two thousand a night. You can also buy "informal tickets" on a treasure and go up through some channels. The price varies according to the time period.
There is a spectacular sky garden on the top of the hotel. Tickets can be purchased 🎫 to go in. You can book online for about 90RMB for adults.

(The picture comes from the Internet)

(The picture comes from the Internet)
Due to lack of time, we did not climb to the top of the building, but went straight to the sky walkway to watch the light show of the Super Tree in Gardens by the Bay. The outdoor light show time was 7:45 and 8:45 each. About 15 minutes per game.

After watching the light show, continue walking to Gardens by the Bay.
Outdoor garden (no tickets required): 5 am to 2 am every morning;
plant cold room and skywalk (requires 110 tickets per person): 9 am to 9 pm every day;
because we did not know the opening hours in advance, we bought the tickets Only one entered, and the tourists stopped at 8:30 in the evening.
Plant cold chamber includes two glass ecological zones: "cloud forest" (an area of 0.8 hectares) and "Flower Dome" (an area of 1.2 hectares) - cold chamber to restore the cool, moist tropical climate and mountainous regions of the Mediterranean and semi-arid, Cool and dry climate in subtropical regions. These areas are the most threatened habitats in the world, and many plant species are facing the threat of climate change and habitat destruction caused by human activities. The number of plants planted is about 87,000 columns, including 400 varieties.
The indoor air-conditioning is very good in advance, so parents who bring their children should remember to bring clothes for their babies.

At the end of the day of brutality, I took the subway back to the hotel.
October 26 Yee Fengcheng - Sentosa (Resorts World - Merlion - West Roseau Beach)
to get up early in the downstairs prematurely after check-out for the hotel.

Name: Nanjing restaurant;
it downstairs in the hotel, taste good, the boss is the Chinese people. A bowl of beef noodles 40RMB.
Today stay Singapore Holy Amoy Bay Hotel (525 / night) is now renamed: Singapore Harbor Caihong Hotel

Hotel room (picture from the Internet)

The lobby of the hotel (picture comes from the Internet) The
room is quite small, but clean, it is recommended if you go to Sentosa.
Due to the bad weather, it has been raining heavily, and it was already afternoon when I had a rest at the hotel. The hotel is not far Yee Fengcheng .

After walking around for a while, the rain stopped, and Sentosa Island can be seen through the mall.
The first way to enter the island: visitors can enter the island free of charge from the Sentosa Cross-sea Walk. In Yee Fengcheng Sentosa sea walks (Vivo City) to the first floor of Sentosa, a distance of about five or six meters, a ten minute walk away.
The second way to enter the island: Sentosa Express (Sentosa Express): Yi in Fengcheng buy tickets (Vivo City) L Hall on the third floor, by car. The operating hours are from 7:00-24:00, and the ticket price is 4 SGD.

Walked along the cross-sea walk to the world of resorts.

Candy house clock in

Check in at the gate of Universal Studios

Take one stop at the Resorts World MRT station, arrive at the Imbiah MRT station, and check in the Sentosa Merlion Tower. This statue has now been demolished.

Then I took the MRT to the beach MRT station.

Casey playing Roseau Beach.

It was getting late, take the car back to the MRT Yi Vivo City , the MRT is the Food City, eat spicy pot and shopping street for a moment, back to the hotel to rest it ~

Universal Studios 10.27 a day trip
early in the morning they leave their luggage check-out, and then went to Yee Fengcheng MRT station entrance breakfast.

Take the MRT to Universal Studios on Sentosa Island.
Universal Studios is divided into seven themed areas: Hollywood , New York , Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt , The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar .
When the park, remember to take the garden refers to the South and street performance timetable.
Top 3 must-play items in Universal Studios: [Transformers 3D Ultimate Showdown] Indoor weightless ride; [Battlestar] outdoor red and blue dual-track roller coaster; [Mummy roller coaster] indoor roller coaster;

(The picture comes from the Internet)
Because I was pregnant for more than a month, I didn't have the opportunity to play many exciting projects.
We are playing a counter-clockwise, the door is Hollywood , on both sides of the road are restaurants and shopping. The Avenue of Stars in the style of Broadway.

Then he went to the New York street, suitable for taking pictures, rest, in a daze. There are street performers and Sesame Street's Italian side space warfare to Sesame Street theme for the background of the characters, young and old, safe and stimulating.

Next is the science fiction city, Transformers 4D is here, queuing for two hours and playing for five minutes. Next to it is the red and blue double-track roller coaster. Then to ancient Egypt , where there is Revenge of the Mummy, to more than 122cm tall can play, you can take one person priority channels do not line up. 

Then we arrived at the Lost World, where we strongly recommend Future Water World performances. There are only two performances a day, at 12:30 noon and 3:15 pm, imitating movie water world scenes. There are fully wet areas, slightly wet areas, and non-wet areas to choose from. When interacting, some actors will carry buckets to soak the audience.

Then came to the distant kingdom. The theme area created by the movie Shrek includes Shrek 4D movie and
Xiaolong roller coaster.

Finally, Madagascar , the movie lion, zebra, hippo, giraffe subject areas Crate - sitting in the boat to the cave to see Madagascar animal shows. Because it's dark inside, it's love and fear from beginning to end for children who are afraid of the dark.
Carousel - Many large Madagascar carousel animal composition.

Madagascar Party-three times a day, 11:00 am, 1:30 pm and 4:15 pm, after which you can take pictures.

It was dinner time after the tour, and out of the playground, there was a lot to eat. We chose Din Tai Fung, which tastes good and the price is slightly more expensive.

After dinner, I rushed back to the hotel to pick up my luggage, and then changed hotels. Check in near Chinatown, Porcelain Boutique Hotel (966/2 nights). The exterior looks good, but the interior of the room is quite small.

(The picture comes from the Internet)

(Picture from the network)
10.28 Chinatown - Little India - Orchard Road - Haji Lane - Museum of Arts and Sciences
from the hotel is near noon, surrounded by many restaurants, like Sichuan restaurant, taste very good . After eating and walking two steps to Chinatown.
Chinatown (Chinatown) refers to Singapore Chinatown meaning. The origin of Chinatown's name is that there was no running water at that time. The scene of carrying water in Chinatown was very common in Chinatown, so Chinatown was called Chinatown. Is Singapore Chinese gathered most places, with Chinese snacks around, along the street selling a lot of small stuff, like China 's market. In the Singapore Chinese very favorite place.

I visited some interesting shops and bought a refrigerator magnet. Walked through Chinatown, came to South Bridge Road, passing through Singapore 's oldest Indian religion temple - Mari Amman Hindu temple (Sri Mariamman Temple), the Dravidian style of architecture is the history of the temple dates back to In 1827, by then Singapore quite prestigious Indian -American businessman Naraina Pillai created, mainly South Indian Tamil India to teach in Singapore People provide services and have been listed as national historic sites and are a major tourist attraction.
Temple doors carved with colorful India to teach the gods, animals, people, etc., to the Chinese neighborhood Chinatown add a strange atmosphere. Before entering the temple, believers will ring a bell at the door to pray for the gods to allow them to enter, then wash their hands and feet and sprinkle water on their heads to make themselves more pure. After the service, they will enter the temple to worship. Here, you can also see believers knocking on coconuts in the aluminum ring near the door, which symbolizes knocking on the souls of believers, while the milky white coconut heart shows the pure and kind heart of devout believers.
Mari Amman Hindu temple dance every year to celebrate the fire festival, celebration culminated believers fire barefoot carbon pile, while the preferred location for most Hindu weddings.
You must take off your shoes when you enter the door, and women must not be exposed. Since we were not very interested in the temple, we only looked at the door.

Then take the subway to the small India , here is the Indian people in a small settlement. The building is quite distinctive, painted everywhere, also witnessed India hand pilaf, indeed difficult to accept.
Small India The most famous shopping mall is the Mustafa Center. The shopping mall is open 24 hours a day, inexpensive, full range famous Singapore island.
Street shops display silverware, bronzeware, ethnic gold and silver jewelry, jasmine garlands, silk saris and various interesting things. Probably Yindu people are very interested in jewelry, the impression of a street are selling gold and silver jewelry.

Passing greenery Temple, said to be a Thai monk built, which has a 15-meter big Buddha, weighing as much as 350 tons there.

Passing by Suhuidan Church.
Unknowingly, I walked to Haji Lane in Kampong Glam.
There are peculiar boutiques, fashionable bars and cafes lined up along the street. In addition to the fascinating variety of boutiques, the shop owners’ dedication to shop decoration is also an important sight for visiting Haji Lane. Colorful art-style graffiti, 3D wall painting, and personalized decoration are all places that make many tourists linger.

Then I took the bus to the Art Science Museum.
After tossing and then came to the Golden Sands Hotel.

(Picture from the Internet) The
Singapore ArtScience Museum was designed by the internationally renowned architect Moshe Safdie, and is the world's first museum combining art and science. The entire building is surrounded by a 4000 square meter lotus pond, like a blooming lotus flower blooming by the water. I usually don't feel it special when I look in the distance, but once I get closer, I can feel the huge and shocking power of this "lotus". After the completion of the museum, even if visitors do not buy a ticket to enter the museum, they can still admire the building outside the museum along the walking path beside the lotus pond.
Tickets are required to enter the museum's exhibition halls. "Beyond the Future" online purchase adult tickets 68RMB,

Walk around the still early, the evening bus to Orchard Road, the shopping and dining paradise, shopping malls and more full of goods, great choice, visitors to Singapore shopping will go to the land.

You can download the Ichangi APP on your mobile phone to compare the prices of shopping malls and airports, but the variety of APPs is not very complete. The shopping malls I want to buy will not be cheaper, so I basically bought it at the airport to avoid tax refund.

After shopping, take the subway back to the hotel. It was another day of rampage.
10.29 Half-day airport
we return flight in the afternoon 13: 55,19: 05 arrived in Wuhan , 934 tickets / person.
We checked out and went to the airport very early. Singapore Changi Airport has repeatedly been voted the best airport in the world. There are four terminals in the entire airport, which are transferred by sky train and shuttle bus. The airport has multiple themed gardens, large duty-free shopping areas, nap areas, and even multiple airport cinemas and 12-meter indoor slides.
The four terminals of Changi Airport and the newly opened "Star Changi" have a total of more than 550 retail stores and more than 250 dining outlets, fully satisfying the various needs of passengers.
Located at the core of the airport, "Star Changi" covers an area of 135,700 square meters. It was designed by the world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie. It features a unique glass roof and steel exterior design. It is a collection airport. Facilities, landscape gardens, shopping and leisure, hotel catering and other multi-functional comprehensive buildings. It has the Canopy Park on the top floor and its unique amusement facilities, as well as the idyllic landscape of the Forest Valley and the magnificent 40-meter rain whirlpool.

Grab a picture of the rain whirlpool on the sky train.

Those interested in the airport can do their homework in advance and go shopping for a day. I feel that the design is quite complicated. Fortunately, there is a free sky train that shuttles between the various terminal buildings. It is not an exaggeration to stroll around for a day.
Finally, share the stuff you bought.

Longines watches are nearly 8000RMB, and domestic counters are about 13000;

FRESH body lotion 150RMB, domestic counter 240;
FRESH soybean facial cleanser 200Ml, two 500RMB, domestic counter 330;

Two bottles of Cordyceps liquid foundation is about 700RMB, one bottle at domestic counter is 620;
NARS blush is about 200RMB, domestic counter is 300;
Clarins powder water, domestic 360, Clarins Youth Revitalizing Day Cream, domestic 630; the airport two together is about 800RMB.
I also bought some snacks and specialty products, and free consignment, I feel that the airport is a shopping paradise.
Going home~ Looking forward to the next trip. 

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