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Wearing a mask to travel---Singapore

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  • Departure time / 2020-01-27
  • Travel days / 6 days
  • People / and friends
  • Per capita cost / 9000RMB

The Singapore trip is the most memorable time, and risking their lives feeling is the feeling of starting, but also more exciting kind of feeling I was actually worried that in the end can not go into, Guangdong side of the field service personnel have most of them back home Now, Guangdong  
When the economy is good, we are four people could have been the beginning of an appointment as early as three from Guangzhou to fly to Singapore , and later have been concerned about before departure to Singapore over there. Temporarily not cancel China Fly Singapore flights, but Singapore also began to appear several cases, but also a little worried We have also contacted the hotel, and the hotel replied that it has not been notified yet and the hotel cannot be cancelled for free. In the end, one of our friends could not ask for it, and she dared not go. We can only accept it. I have another couple, who originally planned a long honeymoon trip. And actually Singapore is a group visa, provides at least to more than three people can start, if I do not, that on behalf of my friends could not go, so we decided to go to three individuals Singapore the. Before going, we prepared a lot of personal protective equipment, because we must protect ourselves when we are outside. I like to travel, and I like the feeling of freedom when I travel. There is a saying "When you come to the world, you must work hard to see more scenery." 

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

❤About visas❤

1. There are several types of visas in Singapore :
(1) According to the nature of the visa, it can be divided into:
1. Tourist visa (business visa, tourist visa, visa to visit relatives and friends);
2. Study visa (student visa);
3. Work visa (Employment Pass (Employment Pass), S-PASS, Work Pass WP, Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)).
4. Marriage and immigrant visas: Among them, business visas, tourist visas, visas for visiting relatives and friends are short-term visas;
long-term tourist visas, student passes and employment passes are long-term visas.
(2). Classified by time:
1. Short-term visas (such as tourist visas, visas for visiting relatives and friends, business visas, etc.);
2. Long-term visas (such as long-term tourist visas, student passes and employment passes, etc.);
the former Singapore The staying time is short (4-30 days), and the latter staying time is longer (ranging from 3 months to several years).
3, multiple-entry visas
Second, apply for Singapore visa There are many different ways,
like: e-visa, visa counter-sign, as long as there is a final visa can travel smoothly, but with different ways to apply a visa, a sign the final The time is also different.
Third, visas: I was picked on Taobao Singapore
 For visas, compared with several companies, this one is more affordable, reasonably priced, and the visa information is relatively simple. Moreover, the customer service of this shop is very serious and does not dislike me and answer my questions in a long way. The service attitude is very good. Currently in China do Singapore visa, travel agents are recommended to do group check, simple and quick. But it must be 4 people including 4 or more people, at least not less than 3 people, or you can't go to Singapore 
Can't enter. I did the group visa.
This hotel also has airport pick-up service, which is more convenient.

4. The materials for group visa preparation are very simple (or see the requirements of individual travel agencies)4. The materials for group visa preparation are very simple (or see the requirements of individual travel agencies)4. The materials for group visa preparation are very simple (or see the requirements of individual travel agencies)
My company needs to prepare some materials: send the following information to a certain mailbox, and name the mail name as your Wangwang ID number, so as to correspond to your own information.
1. passport page photo or scanned copies (that is, that there is a photo and personal information)
2. roundtrip Singapore reference flight information (must include date of travel, flight number)
This visa is relatively simple, very recommended oh 

❤About air tickets❤

It is recommended to buy air tickets half a year in advance, which is more cost-effective. Usually in September - October to determine between good departure time, set a good ticket, which can help save money wallet Oh , after all, 11-- large fluctuations between ticket in December. This time I experienced a ticket refund storm. I feel that the Fliggy experience is average. I heard that the refund is faster for Ctrip. Although Fliggy is slightly cheaper than Ctrip, the customer service response is slow and it is difficult to contact. Next time I will choose Ctrip. After all, at least when there is a problem, Ctrip customer service will be very responsible. This time the ticket is about 3700 round trips including baggage fees, and I booked Scoot (later found that Scoot was scumbag )  


❤About the hotel❤

Foreign countries generally book on BOOKING, most of which are directly booked in advance, no prepayment is required, but there is a final free cancellation period. If you cancel after this period, the hotel will deduct part of the fee and directly from the bound credit card Deduction, so pay more attention to your itinerary and hotel arrangements after booking.

❤About currency❤

1. Singapore using Singapore dollar (SGD, currency symbol S $). It is recommended to directly exchange RMB for new currency in China. As the need for an appointment to look at domestic banks have no Singapore dollar reserves. Usually in China Bank exchanged. It is recommended to make an appointment a few days in advance, and then go to the exchange on the day of the appointment date, anyway, the bank staff will tell you how to do it.
2. If you do not exchange Singapore dollars in the country, there are legal money changers in Changi Airport, Orchard Road, and most shopping centers around the city center. It is cheaper to exchange money at a money changer than at a hotel or bank. Be sure to find a licensed exchanger and ask about the exchange rate. Most banks handle traveler’s checks and foreign currency exchange services, but some banks do not handle foreign currency exchange on Saturdays. Currency can be exchanged in the "Money Exchange" shops in the city. The exchange rate of "Money Exchange" is generally higher than that of airports and domestic markets, and it can be bargained, so be sure to shop around. 3, in Singapore CUP cards to Singapore

, Don’t forget to bring a few more UnionPay cards. In Singapore , you UnionPay cards can be used in many Chinese people frequented shopping malls, stores credit card spending, ATM basically covering the whole territory, most of the ATM to provide more convenient operation of Chinese interface. There is no need to pay 1%-2% currency conversion fee when using UnionPay cards overseas or through UnionPay network for consumption or withdrawal. The amount in local currency will be directly converted into RMB amount at the market exchange rate and be credited to the card by the issuing bank immediately People’s RMB account. Debit card ATM withdrawals have relatively low handling fees. No need to apply for new cards, bank cards with the CUP logo domestic use every day can be almost in Singapore use. Banks that can withdraw money in Singapore include DBS Bank, United Overseas Bank, OCBC Bank, Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank.
4, in Singapore with a credit card
in Singapore , Most of the big shopping malls accept UnionPay credit cards, you can also choose to use other major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard Daka (Mastercard) and American Express (American Express), etc. for consumption. However, in order to avoid exchange rate losses, it is recommended to bring enough cash as much as possible and directly spend in Singapore dollars. If a dual-currency credit cards, foreign currency remind staff not to brush channel
 , The reason is that if you use a bank card issued by another card organization to pay for consumption, the amount of the card will be converted into U.S. dollars at the relevant exchange rate to be included in your account, and then you can purchase foreign exchange in RMB for repayment after returning home. Due to the costs incurred in the currency conversion process, the final cost denominated in RMB generally exceeds 1%-2% of the actual price of the commodity. This part of the difference is the "currency conversion fee".

❤About calling card❤

I usually choose it on Taobao. I personally think the phone card we chose is super easy to use. I recommend this brand to everyone. The 7-day phone card is practical and cost-effective. The internet speed is very fast, not very stuck. It feels good to use. 

❤About ticket purchase❤

All purchased on Taobao 1. Universal Studios tickets: about RMB 334 (tickets). It is slightly cheaper to buy on Taobao. In addition, whether you need to buy a fast pass, it depends on the time you go. Generally, during summer vacation and Spring Festival, It is estimated that many people. (This time we read the online guide and said it would be much cheaper to buy a fast pass on the spot, so we plan to buy it now. As everyone knows, it just happened to be in the epidemic. The number of people around the world is much smaller than before, so we generally don’t need it. How can you line up to play popular items, look at your luck) 2. National Gallery Singapore : RMB 55, I bought it on the same day when I was planning to go, in fact, the ticket is also very fast, just use the Taobao order information to exchange the ticket, it is fast Convenience. 3. Gardens by the Bay-Double Pavilion Ticket + Sky Corridor Fee: RMB 150  

This one we bought is to go to a designated place to exchange the tickets. I still find it troublesome, ooh , and I don’t know the way. It rains heavily , and it’s even worse. It’s soaked, and I have to exchange tickets. too tired. I sincerely recommend that you buy tickets on Taobao the morning you plan to go. It is best to check your weather forecast before booking. Moreover, these are booked in advance and the date cannot be changed. You can only go there on a specified day. In fact, you can buy the double hall, but the air corridor really depends on the weather. It’s a waste of money    

Well, ado , here are this time Singapore itinerary DAY 1 2020.1.27 Guangzhou   
Baiyun Airport - Singapore Changi Airport
DAY 2 2020.1.28 little India , Haji Lane Haji Lone, Arab Street Arab street, Kampong Glam Kampongglam, Sudan Chinatown ( Singapore Chinatown)
DAY 3 2020.1.29 St. Andre's Church, Singapore National Academy of Arts, Singapore Marina Bay Park
Marina Bay light show
DAY 4 2020.1.30 Sentosa Universal Studios, One-Altitude.282 Mimo day bar
DAY 5 2020.1.31 Merlion Park, Orchard Road shopping
DAY 6 2020. 2.1 Changi Airport
DAY 6 2020. 2.2 early morning aircraft in Singapore Changi Airport- Guangzhou Baiyun Airport


Early in the morning from a friend's house to take the airport bus, Xiexiejiawen brother sent us, then brush it, and found kobe in Meiguo the News of the crash, circle of friends love kobe fan of a crying, so poor, The fans are probably crying to death We were fully armed to take the airport bus, take temperature, register, spray disinfectant, and take precautions. Of course, it is essential to wear a mask. When I fast-forwarded to the Baiyun Airport Expressway, I was already queuing up to check my body temperature. It was already jammed for half an hour, waiting to pass, but I understand that at that time, the prevention and control of foreign vehicles was relatively strict. Fortunately, the body temperature is normal, and I feel scared every time I take it. 
When entering the airport, there are few people . It may be too early. After waiting for almost the time, I will check in to store my luggage. Then he went to eat later flight delay, much later than the scheduled time of one hour, so to reach Singapore by five o'clock   

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

  Safely reaching the Singapore Changi Airport, the plane to measure body temperature to go in and immigration, I thought more stringent, the results go to customs, all of them did not wear a mask, is our group from Guangzhou everyone to take off all wearing Mask     Then, wherever we passed, we looked at us with strange eyes. It didn't matter anyway, we were all to protect our lives and take care of what others thought. These photos were given to us by the flight attendant when we entered the country. 

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal T1
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal T1

We previously booked the airport shuttle online, contacted the driver on WeChat, and waited for us in the underground garage. Unfortunately, it rained in Singapore as soon as we arrived . I suggest that if you have a lot of luggage, you can find that kind of visa. The airport shuttle service is more convenient, or it is more convenient to find an airport shuttle on TB, directly to the hotel where you live, saving time and effort. 

Small pieces of Singapore

Looked at the two of them, it is clear that I am a very big bright bulb moment to eat dog food, will not be so hungry        

Promoter Bak Kut Teh

After finishing the hotel, we went out to find food nearby. Dianping opened and found "Promoter Bak Kut Teh", so I followed the navigation to find it. Tiring go people are stupid, have to queue up to go, mostly mainland tourists sponsor Bak Kut Teh (Founder Bak Kut The Cafeteria) is Singapore one of the best eating bak kut teh shop, including several other " "Huang Yaxi Bak Kut Teh" and "Songfa Bak Kut Teh". The walls of this small shop are full of photos of stars enjoying Bak Kut Teh.  

Recommended index for this shop: per capita cost: 85RMB. I walked back the same way when I was full. It happened to be very strong and the wind was very comfortable . Hahahahaha , the wind was messy    

DAY 2 Little India-Hazhi Lane-Arab Street-Sultan Mosque

One day the morning, came to Singapore, of course, try the local breakfast shop oh

Food: Yakun Breakfast

Popular science: Singapore restaurant chain Yakun was founded in 1944 and has a history of 70 years. It has 123 stores worldwide and overseas branches in 12 countries and regions. Ya Kun Ya Kun Coffee & Toast since its inception, with manual coffee, tea and toast with kaya become Singapore cuisine representative.
In Singapore Ya Kun can be regarded as a household name. The traditional coffee is rich in fragrant, crisp and delicious kaya bread and fresh half-cooked eggs are popular among the public.

Yakun Kaya Toast
Yakun Kaya Toast
Yakun Kaya Toast
Yakun Kaya Toast
Yakun Kaya Toast
Yakun Kaya Toast

 Yakun’s Must
-Order Menu: —Kaya Hoangyo Toast Set-
Kaya Butter Toast + Two Healthy Eggs + A Cup of Pulled Tea A
simple but wonderful combination. The
birth of Kaya Butter Toast

Yakun Kaya Toast
Yakun Kaya Toast
Yakun Kaya Toast
Yakun Kaya Toast
Yakun Kaya Toast
Yakun Kaya Toast

Baked toast slices Cut the
toast horizontally,
put on fragrant butter slices,
the special kaya paste and cut in half

Yakun Kaya Toast

Sprinkle special pepper in the first step

Yakun Kaya Toast

The second step is to pour the special sweet soy sauce (not too much)

Yakun Kaya Toast

Press lightly with a spoon, the fresh yellow egg liquid suddenly poured out, stir it well, and you can eat it with the toast. The toast mixed with the egg liquid is wrapped in a thick egg flavor, and the taste becomes very soft and fresh toast dipped in there so eat half the eggs and soy sauce, kaya toast of good friends, of course, a cup of teh tarik, I think Malaysia and Singapore are all very delicious tea  

After such a hearty breakfast to start a day full of vitality because of the small India , Kazakhstan's Lane, Arab Street, Sultan Mosque are nearby, so walk past it wants to. But I still asked the locals on the side of the road. Fortunately, they all understood how to walk. I think it’s actually better to speak English. Don’t be afraid. As you gradually experience more, you will ask for directions inexplicably and confidently. 

Today, Singapore's weather is very good, Singapore weather features: Singapore near the equator, a tropical rainforest climate with a long summer without winter, small temperature changes, adequate rainfall, high humidity, the average temperature is between 23 and 34 ℃, The average annual rainfall is around 2,400 mm, and the humidity is between 65% and 90%. So sometimes it rains suddenly and the sun suddenly comes out, so it is recommended to bring an umbrella.

Women just like walking around and patting, hahahahahahaha 

These are all taken casually on the side of the road, I don’t know the place name haha

Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane

Let me briefly introduce these places, and I will give you Amway:

Attractions 1. Little India

Small India is Singapore 's Indian ethnic groups gathered, as if an Indian Microcosm, it is called a small India . Especially when some festivals come, the Indian style is even more remarkable. It is like a fairy tale world with magnificent glory. Colorful lights and decorations are everywhere on the street. Why Singapore have such a small India What? Because in 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles ship sailed to Singapore , there are many in the accompanying team India assistants and soldiers and so on. They became Singapore's land of the first batch of India Immigration. Coupled with the later immigration and reproduction, etc., here Yinduo more and more people become so small settlements.
Small India is Singapore 's most exotic place, simply India The epitome of colorful buildings overwhelmed, seems to have exposure to India .
Transportation: Take NWFB No. 64, 65 or 111 to Orchard Road (Orchard Road) to Serangoon Road (Serangoon Road). Metro: NE Line small Indian station (Little India), station number NE7.

Attractions 2. Haji Lane

 (Haji Lane) used to be an empty street lined with pre-war houses. Now the presence of a large number of local designers and young entrepreneurs has brought this old lane back to life. Many designers and entrepreneurs set up here quite a lot of personality boutiques, and sell a variety with a Singapore fashion accessories and items of local style.
In Haji Lane, in addition to the fascinating various boutique shops, the shopkeepers' dedicated shop decoration is also an important sight to visit Haji Lane. Colorful art style graffiti, 3D wall painting, and personalized decoration, it is an attractive place, very suitable for taking pictures.

Attractions 3. Arabian street

Singapore's Arab Street: Arab-style Singapore Muslim neighborhoods
known as Kampong Glam Street, is grown around the swamp trees tree named. Here is a Singapore Muslim neighborhoods. Every year the birthday of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad is held here on the streets. Islamists from all over the island countries gather in Gandahar Street, like a carnival. There are many Muslim Arab Jie Liangbian features shops, buildings, famous Sultan Mosque also in this street.
 Is well known that the Arabs were the first to Singapore, one of the commercial activities of the nation, they are not only shipped the goods here, also brought their religious beliefs and customs, thus forming this Arab street. Mainly Muslim enclave of it, with a small India is somewhat similar, are some Islamic-style snack bar, a full Arab-style street, indeed in Singapore
 In the streets of Arab cuisine, and Arab architecture, the Arab street is actually just a small India about the same, that is a very small street Arab style streets everywhere various Arab ethnic characteristics of small shops and exotic The Arab dome building is beautiful in color and particularly beautiful. The traffic on Arab Street is very convenient, and the subway is located at Bugis Station.

Attraction 4. Masjid Sultan

Sultan Mosque
Sultan Mosque
Sultan Mosque
Sultan Mosque

Sultan Mosque is Singapore's main largest and most spectacular religious buildings prayer hall can accommodate up to five thousand Christians worship the same time. The mosque has two large golden domes, in addition, there are 4 symmetrical minarets, as well as many small pavilions and small towers. Don't forget to take a closer look at the base of the dome. It is surrounded by a circle of glass bottle bottoms offered by believers, exuding a dazzling light, and adding more sacred atmosphere to it.
This is basically a few places in the morning can be completed, but is very hot , pay attention to the sun Oh come almost went back to the hotel, rest, blowing air-conditioned to go out, because a lot of sweat are    
  Need to change clothes to go out. Fortunately, the hotel is close, only a 15-minute walk away.

Next destination: Chinatown (Chinatown)

1. Chinatown

Chinatown (Chinatown) refers to Singapore Chinatown meaning. The origin of Chinatown's name is that there was no running water at that time. The scene of carrying water in Chinatown was very common in Chinatown, so Chinatown was called Chinatown. Chinatown is Singapore Chinese gathered in most places, with Chinese snacks around the country, is in Singapore A place that Chinese people like very much. Chinatown night market ablaze with lights, a bit like a Chinese temple. Chinatown today is a modern shopping mall.
Generally north to the Singapore River, west of New Bridge (New Bridge Rd.); South & quot; Maxwell & quot; Road (. Maxwell Rd) and Keta Ayr Road (Kreta Ayer Rd.), east to Cecil Street (Cecil St.). Chinese city was called & quot; & quot ;, because the original Chinatown residents have to pull bullock cart water to clean. In fact, the formation of Chinatown District has a lot to do with Raffles' city plan. In many southern Chinese dialects, "che" has the verb "pull water car". Therefore, the original meaning of "Chinatown" is a subject-predicate-object structure such as cattle (subject), cart (predicate verb) and water (object), which means that the cattle pulls water out of water.

2. Transportation

Subway: Outram Park Station, EW Line, station number EW16; Tanjong Pagar Station, station number EW15; NE Line Chinatown Station, station number NE4.


Food Street saw selling durian, try to buy a box, I would not describe it good, ah, anyway, is the taste of durian to Singapore , you can also try the local durian, to see what difference    


3. Main attractions:

 1. oxcart Suwon appearance Museum (Chinatown Heritage Centre)
is one of three refurbished shophouses. Here reproduce the Chinese immigrants across the sea arrived in Singapore adventures exile coolies hardships of life, living room shophouses grid congestion, the former immigration hardships of life to reproduce the present. Stay for a while and learn more about the history and culture of this area.
Ticket + multimedia guide: Adult ticket $18
Transportation: Take MRT to NE4 Chinatown and walk eastward for about 50 meters. 2. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, where precious tooth relics are enshrined. Singapore's Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was built in 2007. It is located in Chinatown. The display of Buddhist art and history is rich and colorful, and vividly tells the cultural story of hundreds of years ago. Name derived from the Buddhist temple of the Buddha mind to stay canines, people in the land of Buddha's cremation in India Kushinagar Naga City found this thing, and has been dedicated to the show. The Buddhist Culture Museum on the third floor of the temple houses various precious Buddhist relics, such as bones and tongues. The Sacred Light Hall is located on the fourth floor and displays the temple’s treasures.

The tooth relic of the Buddha was placed in a huge stupa weighing 3,500 kilograms. The tower was made of 320 kilograms of gold, of which 234 kilograms of gold came from donations of believers. Visitors can only worship the tooth relic from the public viewing area, and only monks can enter the tooth relic room.
This is where the most at night shining beacon .

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Longhuayuan Museum
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Longhuayuan Museum
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Longhuayuan Museum
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Longhuayuan Museum

3. Chinatown Complex
4. Smith Street in Chinatown is an open-air food street. The stalls are mostly open from 11:00 in the morning to 23:00 in the evening, and the price is very affordable. Here you can enjoy the unique Singapore Chinese cuisine.
5. Thian Hock Keng Temple Mural
In 1821, Thian Hock Keng Temple (Thian Hock Keng Temple) was built by seamen thanking Mazu for blessing. It is located on the waterfront before reclamation. The temple is full of strong Chinese traditional southern architectural style, using stone, tile and wood, dragon and phoenix decoration, carved with magnificent columns, even more intriguing is that the entire building does not use a single nail.
Temples in the Qing Emperor Guangxu in 1907, coming to a decision of the plaque is also worth a glance, reflecting the Thian Hock Keng Temple in Singapore and China extraordinary position in history and heritage.
Admission: Free
6. Mari Amman Hindu temple (Sri Mariamman Temple)
is Singapore The oldest Indian religion temple, Dravidian style architectural style. 244 Bridge Road Chinatown area of its location in the city center, mainly South Indian Tamil India to teach in Singapore Provide services
temple door carved with colorful India to teach the gods, animals, people, etc., to the Chinese neighborhood Chinatown add a strange atmosphere. From a distance, it is a bit of a mystery closer to the side of the road, in the last of the food court, walked'll see. Tips: If you want to visit the temple, you have to take off your shoes before entering. (PS: Since there are a lot of people inside, we still avoid crowds. We watched from a distance, took a few photos and left. I think in other countries, try not to worship these gods who are not clear to us. It is better to be careful. 

Sri Mariamman Temple
Sri Mariamman Temple

7. Maxwell Food Center (Maxwell Food Centre)
to Singapore many people the first sentence that is sure to try the local " Hainan Chicken Rice" So here we come, the end of Chinatown, we went straight to the Maxwell Food Center (Maxwell Food Centre)   
Because there is a network of red food shop called "everyday Hainan Chicken Rice" heard of this Hainan chicken rice super delicious Oh, the approximate location is across the street at the Buddhist temple. Every day, Hainan  Chicken Rice "is not only the many news media reported the objects, it is Singapore one of" Michelin Guide "Bibendum recommended gourmet, 2017 and 25018 annual premium Michelin Gordon Hall
open public comment can go to the navigation. Oh really a lot of people queuing, queuing is the most Chinese tourists,  And during that time, or the epidemic, we are all wearing masks, obediently line up, tense and hungry and afraid so dense crowd. 

Food needs to be waited, so that it is worthwhile.
This is the first time to eat Hainan chicken rice, the three of us on the point of one small package, ha ha ha There is a lot of food in this gourmet market. There is also a famous shop selling tofu flowers. The name is "Wife Tofu" 

Tiantian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Tiantian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Tiantian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Tiantian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Tiantian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Tiantian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Wife bean curd

"My wife's bean curd" melts in the mouth. It is a water-like bean curd mouth. Look at the original white bean curd of the white flower, it can be broken by blowing!

Wife bean curd

Back to the hotel, this one was taken on the roof of the hotel. It really has a different vision. You can see the Ferris wheel from a distance. There is a swimming pool on the roof of our hotel. Many people are swimming, but I can’t swim.  

The pool facing the outside view is great, it is suitable for pretending to take pictures.

DAY 3 St. Andrea's Church-National Academy of Fine Arts-Seaside Park

1. St. Andrew's Church

A white Gothic church, white and bright exterior walls is St. Andrew's one of the most impressive features of the church.
· Original intention was to build a church to British nationals do a temple of worship, then gradually transformed into the gospel to various local ethnic residents.
· Now St. Andrew Cathedral has become Singapore one of the most religious influence of the church region, but also Singapore's largest church.
Transportation: Take Metro Line EW, NS and get off at City Hall Station (go on the left side of the exit escalator, just behind the subway station)
Opening hours: 09:00-16:30; stop admission time: 16:00 (1 Monday-Wednesday, Friday, January 1st-December 31st) 15:00-16:30; no admission time: 16:00 (Thursday, January 1st-December 31st) Not open to the public (January 1st-December 31st Saturday-Sunday) It’s
beautiful from a distance. Against the backdrop of the green lawn, the church looks extraordinarily elegant. With the blue sky, the visual impact is so strong, it is very suitable for taking pictures and punching in ( Recommended wide-angle visual effects)

St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church

2. Singapore National Academy of Fine Arts

The National Gallery of Singapore, formerly known as St Joseph's Institution, is a well-known local boys' school. Museum opened in 1996, the collection of over 400 works of art, a collection of the world's largest modern local and Southeast Asian art. Whether it is the exhibition scale, all-weather and video galleries of modern equipment, is Southeast Asia 's leading art galleries. It is Singapore The oldest museum, but it contains the youngest and most creative ideas. The biennial Singapore Biennale (Singapore Biennale), is a Singapore hosted the National Gallery of Art event.
Transportation: Take bus 7, 14, 16, 36, 111, 131, 162, 175, 508, 518 and get off at NTUC Income Ctr Station.
Tickets: 56-89 yuan (prices for regular and special museums are different) You can buy it, or buy it on TB, and you can use it immediately, which is much more convenient.
Opening hours: 10:00-21:00 (Friday, January 1st-December 31st) 10:00-19:00 (January 1st-December 31st Saturday-Thursday)

National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore
National Gallery of Singapore

3. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is Singapore's super garden downtown to cost 1 billion yuan to become Singapore's newest landmark.
· Park is divided into three parts: the coast of Hainan 花园、滨 yuan; tickets for children (3-12 years old): Plant cold chamber 15 Singapore海东 花园,以及衔接二者的滨海中花园。
·其中建有多棵巨大的超级树 (Supertree), 这些超级树不但壮观美丽,还具备多项实用性功能。
门票:成人票:植物冷室28 新加坡 元/空中走道8 新加坡 RMB/Skywalk 5 Singapore dollars (Monday-Sunday, January 1st-December 31st) No tickets are required for the outdoor park; Yunwulin and Huaqiong can purchase e-tickets, and scan the codes to enter the hall respectively; (domestic online shopping electronic Tickets are 30 or 40 yuan cheaper than on-site tickets.) Electronic tickets cannot be used in the air corridors, and physical tickets must be exchanged. (I bought it on TB, and it’s weird to go to a designated place to get the ticket, it’s super troublesome, and it’s raining again, it’s really sad

   Wet past to get tickets. Battery car: You can walk into the park, or you can buy a battery ticket for 3 SGD to enter the park. The staff will stamp a stamp on the hand before getting on the car. The battery car can be used for free within one day. Opening hours: 05:00- 02:00 the next day (outdoor area), 09:00-21:00 (air corridor, plant cold room); stop ticket time: 20:00; stop admission time: 20:00 ( (Monday-Sunday, January 1st-December 31st) tips: The attractions will be closed one day a month. Generally, the Marina Bay Air Corridor depends on the weather, not necessarily every day. So depending on luck, there will be no light show if it rains. It rained heavily that afternoon, but luckily it didn't rain at night. Knock on the blackboard!!! It is not recommended to buy air corridor tickets in advance , because the air corridor will take measures to limit the flow of people (mostly on holiday nights), and there will be no advance notice. Generally, only when the ticket is picked up at the window Know whether to limit current. Once the flow is restricted, a time sign will be given when buying the ticket, and the queue will be queued only when the time is up  


There is only one small elevator to go up by elevator, and only seven or eight people can go up at a time.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Gardens by the Bay

The day was over again, and I went home, so tired    

Wings of time

There are two free light shows/water dance shows in Singapore , namely the Sky Tree Light Show, the Sands Hotel Water Dance Show, and the Sentosa Fairy House Xiyin One Water Dance Light Show. Although the Wings of Time at the Santhai Sands is "Wings of Time" It is a paid light and water dance show, but it is definitely worth it. It is a must-see in Singapore !
Wings of Time is the world's first large-scale multimedia dance show permanently built on the sea. There are rows of stepped seats on the shore
. The wonderful water dance performance of Dahai Xintang. Waiting for the performance time to come, enjoying the breeze of the seaside, the slow westward of Xintaiyang, very comfortable
time" The performance time is 25 minutes, combined with multimedia special effects, fountains, three-dimensional visual effects, fireworks display and live performance. Water curtain three-dimensional projection, flames and laser special effects make people feel completely immersed in it.
Name: Wings of Time (open in Google map)
Address: Siloso Beach, Sentosa Singapore
Business hours: Two performances a day 19: 40,20: 20
telephone: +6567368672
How to get there: Take the subway and get off at Waterfront Station (Waterfront Station), transfer to Sentosa Express, get off at Beach Station (BeachStation), transfer to Sentosa Express and sit at the last stop【 Beach Station] Get off the bus and walk for 5-10 minutes. Tickets/Price: Normal adult ticket is 18 SGD; general child ticket is 9.9 SGD; children aged 0-3 can enter the site with rabbits.
Tips: The whole journey takes about 25 minutes, and it is amazing when the ice, the size of friends for Outlook, is recommended if children can sit a little behind the seats, sound effects or pyrotechnics to avoid rabbit scare children, but also rabbit fountain spray effect is obvious
reminder: refers to the need to purchase tickets online Tingri period And the number of shows, please note that if you buy it, you cannot refund the ticket. If there are uncertainties in the itinerary, it is recommended to buy more insurance on the spot. However, if you buy it on the spot, you will
see two performances than the time you booked online in advance : It is recommended to watch 20:40 at night In addition to the fare, this one is easy to announce! You can go to see another rabbit fee [Senba-Water Dance Show] at 20 o'clock in the Holy Sea. The performance can be 15 minutes, and it will be fast after watching. Rush to take the MRT to the last stop to see Wings of Time! This is a bit rushing, but it allows you to see two performances at once

DAY3 Universal Studios Singapore

 Singapore Universal Studios (Universal Studios Singapore) is one of the $ 20 million construction of the 4.3 billion Resorts World Sentosa focus of the project, it was officially opened March 18, 2010, which is Southeast Asia 's first and only Universal Studios City theme park. Location :: Singapore Universal Studios in Resorts World Sentosa, Resorts World Sentosa from Singapore
 Changi Airport is only a 30-minute drive away, and it is only 15 minutes away from the central business district and major attractions in the city. It has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Whether you choose to take a bus, subway, taxi, or drive by yourself, you can easily reach the Resorts World. Self-driving car rental: If you drive directly into the 1st basement parking lot of Resorts World Sentosa, you only need to pay the parking fee. When entering a checkpoint Sentosa Island Resorts World Sentosa, shall be paid into the island and parking fees. If you show the proof of stay at Resorts World Sentosa Hotel when you drive into the island, you will be exempt from entering the island. Subway: Take the Northeast
 Line (Purple Line) subway, get off at Gangwan Station. Then take the vehicle for easy access to the Resorts World Sentosa: Sentosa Yun Jie: to Yi Fengcheng 3rd floor (L Hall) take the Sentosa Resorts World Sentosa transported into the Czech Republic and under the MRT station in Marina car. RWS 8: In Yi Fengcheng outside or Merrill Lynch HarbourFront pay S $ 2 fare ride outside, for easy access to Resorts World Sentosa. Bus: Take the bus and any group of Yi Fengcheng

Get off and take the RWS 8 bus. Please Singapore MRT SMRT and Singapore asked for more details bus SBS. RWS 8. Bus: 65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145 & 166.
Airport bus: to Yi Fengcheng On the 3rd floor (Concourse L), take the Sentosa Express to enter Resorts World Sentosa and get off at the Marina MRT station. SGD 3 must be paid.
Taxis: Tourists can find many taxi/taxi waiting stations at Resorts World Sentosa. If you get off at the parking lot on the basement level of Resorts World Sentosa, you only need to pay the fare. If you pass the Sentosa Island checkpoint, you will need to pay an additional entry fee. All passengers who take a taxi from Resorts World Sentosa will have to pay an additional SGD 3.
Tourist bus: There is a tourist bus stop at the entrance of the hotel in Resorts World Sentosa, which is convenient for guests who take the tourist bus to the hotel to pick up and drop off their luggage.
: Adult ticket: 79 Singapore dollars; Child ticket (4-12 years old): 59 Singapore dollars; Senior ticket (over 60 years old): 41 Singapore dollar (January 1 - December 31 Mon - Sun)
glamorous) Singapore Universal Studios has a total of 24 rides and attractions, including ancient Egypt , the lost world and Hollywood Boulevard seven Subject area.
In Singapore, Universal Studios, a total of seven pavilions, which are seven pavilions have different characteristics

Knock on the blackboard, about express ticket

Fast votes Universal Express: You can use the designated priority projects and performances channel . Divided into two
general priority access card: Each item can only be used to specify the priority channel once, to buy $ 305 Park
Unlimited Priority Pass: Unlimited by priority channel enters a designated project, purchases 505s park
Tps: Quick ticket can save There is a lot of queue time. If you only have one day to play in the peak season, it is recommended to buy it
In addition, TB can be bought, but it is more expensive. We bought it after considering the situation on the spot. We didn’t expect that in that situation, we didn’t need to buy a fast ticket because it was not refundable. the date used before so decided to go one day to buy more suitable oh  

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

1. Science Fiction City

Main items: Transformers (folding Transformers 3D showdown), Battlestar double-track roller coaster.
If you like Transformers sci-fi movies, then sci-fi city must not be missed. Here you can bring 3D eyes and feel the various things in the movie Scenes, such as forward, emergency stop, reversing, being dragged by a chain, etc., these scenes are very realistic, if you like excitement, you can also go to play a roller coaster. My pair of friends went up to play a roller coaster, and I didn’t go up because my heart couldn’t stand it.     Watching horror as one of the world's highest track roller coaster "Battlestar Kara Dega" roller coaster from the famous TV series, it will completely conquer roller coaster fans. There are red tracks and blue tracks. Later, when my friends came out, I went to play Transformers together. It was so exciting , so cool and fun. 
    Value was a play Oh, in fact, just when the epidemic period, not many people, so queuing time is shortened, ten minutes to go we have a good surprise (but we all have to wear masks, but go play the game is not recommended to wear Mask )      

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

2. Ancient Egypt

 There are two main projects, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Revenge of the Mummy.
Because my friend went to play a roller coaster, I went to play Revenge of the Mummy myself. The indoor roller coaster was very dark and super fun. Revenge of the Mummy: Need to send a package, here is to enter the birthday and the color you like. Free for 45 minutes. Raiders of the Lost Ark is a recreational sport driven by an electric petty car. It is more comfortable and suitable for children to play. The Revenge of the Mummy is more suitable for adults.  

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

3. The Lost World

This is a rafting. Several people sit in a small boat and then drift at extreme speed. There will be dinosaurs spraying water on the boat in the middle, which will be particularly exciting in the final sprint stage. This project is very easy to get wet, there are automatic raincoats in the scenic area, about 4 SGD. If you don’t want to get wet, you can also go to see the water world performance. We didn’t play this because there was not enough time 

4. The Faraway Kingdom

It is the world’s first "Remote Kingdom Castle" with a height of 40 meters. It was built mainly on the basis of Shrek movies. 4D versions of Shrek movies can be watched inside. There is also an indoor miniature Ferris wheel. And a roller coaster for children.
In Shrek's 4-D theater, experience a fairy tale adventure and work together to make plans for the rescue of Princess Fiona. This is the sequel to "Shrek" which won the best animated film at the Academy Award. It gives visitors the opportunity to follow Shrek, Princess Fiona and Donkey on their honeymoon.
In this original three-dimensional movie, everyone will see through the magical vision of the "green monster", sitting on a chair that bounces and undulates from time to time and is "attacked" by sudden jets and water vapor, and can be fully engaged without leaving the seat. Among the infinite surprises in the movie world. Movie special effects studio
, chaired by • Steven Spielberg movie special effects studio, designed specifically for Singapore design.
I like this very funny and joyful 

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

5. Madagascar

 Mainly based in Madagascar to create animated films, which play major project is Julius Yasukuni Wang rotating ball and Crate Adventure, each seat carousel are in accordance with animal shapes to create, and then Crate Adventure It is mainly played in the cave. When it is hot, it can reduce the heat.


Hollywood theme area is actually no fun, come here shopping, you can also take the opportunity to take pictures, because there are a lot of Hollywood film elements, such as small yellow people, Sesame Street, HelloKitty so on.

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

7. New York theme area

Universal Studios in New York subject area to New York as a blueprint to build. "Film Special Effects Set" hosted by film master Steven Spielberg

8. Jurassic River Adventure

This needs to be stored, not because of stimulation, but because of getting wet.

9 "Shoe Cat Swordsman Adventure"

Is a ceiling roller coaster

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

Turkey leg Universal Studios is a delicious name, of course, came to Universal will buy Oh, before Japan Disney bought food for thought, remember to try to come here, it is full I am a person can eat of Oh. 

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

Here pretend to have a boyfriend pull me  

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

After almost playing, the sky started to darken slowly, and we were planning to retreat. Go eat eat, drink and then go ha ha ha ha, I am most looking forward to is to drink Oh choice of the bar is very high, overlooking the Singapore night scene, including the Sands Hotel see oh     

Singapore 1-Altitude Sky Bar

1-Altitude Observatory Sky Bar is located in Singapore roof of the three tallest buildings, the height of 282 meters above sea level it can be said to be "the world's tallest outdoor bar." Looking out from the observation deck open-air bar, you can enjoy Singapore's beautiful scenery.
Opening hours 18: 00-23: 00
Cost: 100 per cocktail, but very worth going, the scenery is worth Address: Metro, Raffles Place (Raffles Palace), outbound, about 3 minutes at the bar entrance, pay the The entrance fee is about S$30/person. The entrance fee includes a drink, and you can order it together. Then take the order directly to the elevator and find a seat for the waiter. The elevator goes straight to the 62nd floor, and then you have to transfer to another elevator to reach the bar directly. 

And it's felt wow, so high, so beautiful, the sea breeze so comfortable Oh , I think enough to eat, then go here to drink alcohol with friends, taking pictures, chat, very comfortable Oh, life is much better than this.  

Before going to eat a dessert I finally coax my friends to accompany me to drink it the way enjoy the beautiful Singapore night scene, so beautiful. 

1-Altitude Gallery and Bar
1-Altitude Gallery and Bar
1-Altitude Gallery and Bar

It's so beautiful, I saw the Sands Hotel opposite.

1-Altitude Gallery and Bar
1-Altitude Gallery and Bar
1-Altitude Gallery and Bar
1-Altitude Gallery and Bar

It’s quite suitable for pretending, here are some pretending photos, hahahahaha  

1-Altitude Gallery and Bar
1-Altitude Gallery and Bar
1-Altitude Gallery and Bar
1-Altitude Gallery and Bar
1-Altitude Gallery and Bar

Oops, it’s so comfortable. Looking at the beautiful scenery, drinking, and chatting with friends hahahaha on such a high building, and then we were very cheap, and we sent videos to our friends in China. They were envious. They were all epidemics at the time. Seriously prohibited to go out, must be at home, no entertainment  

DAY 4 Merlion Park-Orchard Road Shopping

Toast Workshop

There are many famous toast shops in Singapore . In the morning, I am going to eat the famous "Toast Workshop"

Toast Workshop
Toast Workshop
Toast Workshop
Toast Workshop
Toast Workshop
Toast Workshop
Toast Workshop
Toast Workshop
Toast Workshop

Merlion Park

Singapore, one of the most famous attractions to Singapore 's visitors will make the trip Merlion Park, the world-famous Merlion pictures taken.
· Merlion is only imaginary animal fish lion's head, which represents Singapore's original name, but also a symbol of Singapore The power in today's global economy. · Merlion Park has two, one large and one small; 8.6 meters high lion mouth puff of water, tourists in tune classical objects.
Good weather is quite good picture Oh, the blue sky with Merlion is pretty great sun, remember that good sunscreen oh  

Merlion Park
Merlion Park
Merlion Park
Merlion Park
Merlion Park
Merlion Park
Merlion Park
Merlion Park
Merlion Park

Orchard Road and other shopping malls in Singapore

Orchard Road is a well-known shopping paradise, arguably Singapore's busiest and most fashionable areas. The colorful streets gather large shopping centers such as ION Orchard shopping mall with many flagship stores, duty-free DFS Galleria, Knightsbridge shopping mall with high-end brands, and famous brand stores such as Prada, LV, Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Celine, etc. It can be easily found here. It runs directly through the 3 major subway stations, orchard--somerset--Dhoby Ghaut, so you will pass these three subway stations on this street. There are shopping malls on both sides of the street.
1. Dongsha Tangs is a mid-range commercial building on Orchard Road. Therefore, it attracts more loyal customers (non-tourists) than shopping malls such as ION, which specializes in luxury goods. In terms of cosmetics, Tangs’s new arrivals are fast and the brands are relatively complete. It has the only Tom Ford counter on the island and Luxasia counters (including By Terry, Dyptique and other salon brands) 

2. From the MRT along the Tangs exit, Shaw House , you can walk to Shaw House, another commercial building in this circle. It is also the only commercial building with a cinema on this end of Orchard Road. The following layers in Shaw House is Isetan department store, in accordance with the distribution of the brand, it is also at Isetan department store in Singapore one of the largest stores. Address: 350 Orchard Road, 238868 Opening hours: 10:00-21:30 every day How to arrive: Take the MRT to Orchard Station and walk along Exit A. 

3. On the four "corners" at the intersection of Wheelock Place, Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, compared with the others, it looks like an inconspicuous little transparency. Wheelock side by ION's underground passage directly, while the other side can only go on the ground across the street. A lot of his popularity depends on ION's high popularity. Address: 501 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238880 Business hours: 11:00-23:00 every day. Arrival: Take the MRT to Orchard Station and take Exit E. 4. 

 Wisma Atria Wisma Atria
Wisma Atria and ION in the middle of Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City), which brings together with Japan's famous department store Isetan department store, led by nearly 100 kinds of stores, including fashion brand GAP and Nike in Singapore The first flagship store and so on. In addition, there are international fashion brands such as Bebe, Cotton On, Dorothy Perkins, Esprit, Forever 21, Lacoste, Morgan, Ms Selfridge, and local brand Charles. The Nike styles here are generally relatively new, with good prices and many choices. kind. Stores like Esprit and Forever 21 also often offer discounts. The food in Weimars Square is also in line with the tastes of young people, soy drinks and ice cream are both top-notch.
Address: 435 Orchard Road, 238877
Opening Hours: daily 10: 00-22: 00
Getting There: Take the MRT to Orchard station after take Exit A, walk about 20 meters to
five Pacific Plaza, Pacific Plaza 
Pacific Plaza is a relatively comprehensive shopping mall without exaggerated architectural decoration. Its facade is elegant, clean and textured. This style is actually very consistent with the brands it covers, whether it is a concept store of Adidas , Or That CD Shop, both show that this is a yuppie lifestyle mall that combines taste and elegance.
Address: 6 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228209
Business hours: 10:00-22:00 every day How
to arrive: Take the MRT to Orchard Station and take Exit A, walk about 5 meters.
VI. ION Orchard Shopping Center The total retail area is over 66,000 square meters Mi's Fashion Mall has become the new center of Orchard Road, with a cutting-edge exterior design, and more young people like to use it as a meeting point for dates. There are more than 300 retail, catering and entertainment stores, flagship stores, concept stores and life halls of many of the world’s most popular brands. In addition to a collection of many brands, a rich and diverse food court provides visitors with a variety of delicious dishes, from There is everything from the beloved local cuisine to the prestigious international dishes. Address: 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801 Business hours: 10:00-22:00 daily 

How to get there: Take the MRT to NS22 Orchard, and you will get out of the station.
Seven, Ngee Ann City (Ngee Ann City) Singapore's oldest high-end shopping mall, concentrated on the world's major first-line brands and luxury goods stores. Address: 391A Orchard Road Singapore 238872 Opening hours: 10:00-21:30 daily. Arrival: Take the MRT to Orchard Station and walk along Orchard Road (Orchard Road). 8. 

 Paragon Paragon
is a high-end shopping mall with 200 shops and 6 floors. There are many luxury retailers such as Miu Miu, Gucci, Alfred Dunhill and Salvatore Ferragamo, as well as some designs. Brands and popular sports brands, while children can roam the world of toys in toy stores such as Paragon Junior and Toys "R" Us . There is a food cellar in the basement of the mall, and there are casual coffee and dining restaurants on all floors. B1 has a lot of delicious restaurants, Din Tai Fung steamed buns, desserts, ramen and various western food Address:
290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859
Business Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm (including public holidays)
Arrival: Take a seat After MRT arrives at Orchard Station, take Exit A and walk along Orchard Road to other places on Orchard Road
9. 313@Somerset 13 is actually No. 313 Orchard Road. This mall is relatively young, and it gathers a group of fast fashion brands that young people like, such as zara and foever 21. The most important thing is not to miss this limited edition of Singapore 's most famous shoe shop, a lot of Chinese 
There are very popular sneakers, there is also a stussy monopoly. There is a hot pot restaurant in Haidilao, you can eat when you are tired. Hainan chicken rice, Ya Kun and other Singapore authentic cuisine you can also find in the upstairs food court available.
Address: 313 Orchard Rd, 238895 Business Hours: 10:00-22:00
Arrival: Take the MRT to Somerset Station (just come out)
10.  Plaza Singapura is
a shopping mall above the Dhoby Ghaut Metro. The brand and price are relatively close to the people. After the recent expansion, there are many fresh young brands and many specialty restaurants. There is a big Golden Village cinema on the top floor. If you are tired, you can go to watch a movie and relax. Address: 68 Orchard Road Singapore 238839
Business Hours: Daily 10:00-22:00
Arrival: Take MRT to NS24/NE6/CC1 Dhoby Ghaut (Dhoby Ghaut) Business Hours: Daily 10:00-21:30 Arrival: Take MRT to EW13/NS25 City Hall, after leaving the station is 12, Suntect City (suntect city)
十一、  莱佛士城购物中心 (Raffles City Shopping Centre)
位于市中心购物地带。该商场拥有许多豪华的品牌专卖店,如欧米茄(Omega)、Thomas Sabo、Cortefiel 和 Tommy Hilfiger,不胜枚举。许多大型连锁百货商店,如Marks & Spencers 和 Robinsons,以及时装店,如Topshop、River Island 和 Skyla 也入驻该商场。该商场还设有许多顶尖餐厅,例如 Brozeit,另外还有 瑞士 酒店史丹福(Swissôtel The Stamford)和深受欢迎的 Equinox 餐馆和 New Asia 酒吧,
地址:252 North Bridge Road Singapore 179101

From the perspective of shopping, Suntec City has a relatively scattered brand distribution, and Suntec City is strenuous to stroll around. But this has Fountain of Wealth, ah, this is known as the world's largest fountain, also a Singapore one of the landmark buildings. So visitors and new Singapore friends can still go Yidufangrong. Izumi design from Italy in Buddhism and Indian Mandala thought to teach, to complete the mandala symbolizes the successful giant ring for endless source of strength, also passed by the desire to build all races live in friendship desire integration. Address: 5 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038985 How
to get there: Take the MRT to CC3 Esplanade or CC4 Promenade and walk north for about 5 minutes after exiting the station.
XIII Yi Harvest (VivoCity) This is Singapore's most popular shopping centers, by the locals and tourists of all ages. There are many specialty shops, such as 
One of the US National Geographic (National Geographic) stores, although a small book is very expensive, but very memorable Oh. The Golden Village with well-equipped facilities on the second floor allows you to enjoy various blockbuster movies while shopping. On the top floor, there is a water play square and a big food festival, where you can enjoy food. Address: 1 Harbour Front Walk Singapore 098585
Opening hours: Daily 10:00-22:00 How to get there: Take the MRT to Harbourfront Station
14. Resorts World Sentosa Duty Free Shop Luxury Fashion @Resorts World Sentosa 
Hall of Fame's most proud of is that it has many watch brands, more than 60 kinds of watches brought together a gallery, called the Southeast Asia first, including Vacheron Constantin Vacheron, Chopard Chopard, Rolex Rolex, OMEGA OMEGA, TAG HEUER Tag Heuer, etc. . Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269
Hours: Daily 11: 00-22: 30
to get there :( altogether in two steps)
1. Metro Northeast Harbor station line or loop to.
2. Go to Exit E Yee from Fengcheng Take the Sentosa MRT on the 3rd floor and get off at Binhai Station after 1 stop.
Fifth, Marina Bay Sands ® shopping mall (Marina Bay Sands) has been known as Singapore 's largest luxury shopping center. In addition to the sea outside the LV flagship store, also near Singapore 
The Art Science Museum is a great place for gamblers to place their wives and children. Louis Vuitton Island Maison boutiques, the brand in addition to Paris than the largest boutique! Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
Business Hours: 10:30-23:00
Arrival: Bayfront MRT station (CE1, B, C, D, E exit) Metro Circle Line Branch
16, DFS Rabbit tax shop
DFS Universal rabbit in new tax Gaga slope of a total of four stores, located in Singapore The most bustling shopping district of the bird section Scotts Road (25 Scotts Road) is on DFS in Singapore head office. A collection of the world’s top brand-name boutiques, high-quality leather goods, fashion, chemicals, jewellery and watches, etc.
Address: 25 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228220
Business hours: 11:00-20:00

Anyway, choose the mall you want to go to. we are casually stroll some really can not afford, ha ha ha, but oh my, underground food court to eat a lot of interest in comparison to those of food, want to see the drool Oh  

This ice cream is really honest, this old man has a bad attitude   

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi International Airport (English: Singapore Changi Airport; Malay: Lapangan Terbang Changi Singapura; IATA: SIN; ICAO: WSSS), located in Singapore Changi from Singapore 17.2 one thousand meters urban area, covers an area of 130,000 square kilometers, The city is 17.2 kilometers away. Changi Airport is Singapore The main civil airport, also in Asia an important aviation hub.
Singapore Changi Airport has repeatedly been named the World's Best Airport, which is Singapore 's main airport and the most important regional hub, large and comfortable, the airport has four terminals, exchange between the air and train shuttle bus Multiply. In addition to carrying flights, the airport also has multiple theme gardens, large duty-free shopping areas, nap areas, and even multiple airport cinemas and 12-meter indoor slides.
The four terminals of Changi Airport and the newly opened "Star Changi" have a total of more than 550 retail stores and more than 250 dining outlets, fully satisfying the various needs of passengers. The airport is also equipped with a wealth of entertainment facilities, such as the movie theater for free 24 hours showing the latest movies, XBOX KINECT room sports experience and XBOX 360 / PLAYSTATION 3 exciting games.

Star Changi

"Star Yao Changi" is located in Singapore's Changi Airport Terminal 1 in front, but also the heart of the airport.
It is a comprehensive building that gathers aviation facilities, shopping and leisure, accommodation and dining, landscape gardens and other multi-functions
. The whole building looks very distinctive and
looks like a giant doughnut. It consists of more than 9,000 pieces of glass and nearly 1 It is composed
of 8,000 steel beams and more than 6,000 cast steel nodes. Each piece of glass is specially manufactured and has a specific size.
The most eye-catching feature of "Xingyao Changi" is the 40-meter rain vortex, which is the highest in the world. Indoor waterfall.
Visitors can feel the spectacular scenery of the waterfall indoors, with a fresh sense of being in nature. At night, there will be a water dance sound and light show.
The design team of the Water Landscape Design Company (WET) conducted a series of airflow studies on the glass dome, and built several architectural models around the waterfall to change the impact of the airflow on the air. This spectacular waterfall landscape will become a city The "Forest Valley" project in the center of the garden.
Of course, in this airport, this indoor waterfall is not the only one that is so cool. The 50-meter-long sky suspension bridge that surrounds the park will definitely let you experience what is exciting.
The sky suspension bridge is suspended in the air at an altitude of 23 meters, and part of the bridge is inlaid with glass panels. You can enjoy the waterfall while looking for the excitement of walking in the sky.

Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport

Airport strategy

1. The distribution of the terminal

Because the airport is relatively large, you can find out where you want to go by knowing where you are in advance. 

1. Inter-terminal bus and elevated light rail train "Skytrain":
(1) Elevated light rail train "Skytrain": It will be
closed for maintenance from 2:30 am to 5:00 am every day. Within a period of outage elevated light rail trains, walking directly past, or ride then
split bus
(2) Shuttle Bus:
shuttle bus shuttle between Terminal Operations daily from 2:30 am to 5:00 am: 00, every 15 minutes.
2. How to get to the T4 terminal?
The transportation between T4 and several other terminals is to take the 24-hour shuttle bus "round trip between T2 and T4". To go to other terminals from T4, you must first arrive at T2 and then transfer to another terminal. In the public area, go to Terminal 4, and depart from Terminal 2 to the
airport bus boarding point of Terminal 4. Located at Terminal 2 Arrival Gate 1, the drop-off point is between Terminal 4 Departure Gate 3] and Gate 4
every 10 minutes from 5.30 am to 12.00 am, and every 20 minutes from 12.00 am to 5.30 last year One class; the round-trip time between the terminals is approximately 10 minutes.
3. Depart
from Terminals 1 and 3 to Terminal 4 Passengers from Terminals 1 and 3 to Terminal 4 need to take the light rail to reach Terminal 2, and then take the airport bus to 4 Terminal
No. Passengers going to Terminal 4 in the transfer area, please make sure you have a valid boarding pass.
4. Boarding at Terminal 4, how do I go to the T2 or T3 control zone for shopping?
Singapore Changi Airport "Changi Airport" is really a shopping paradise, especially the T4 terminal. It feels like you can go shopping for half a day. However, some rabbit tax shops of different brands are located in different terminals. For example , if you want to buy 爰马仕, or some of the T4 products are out of stock, you need to go to "Terminal 3, what should I do?"
T4 terminal Shuttle bus to T1, T2&T3 from the building [shuttle bus]
1) Non-controlled area: 2 Arrival Hall, get on and off at Gate 1, T4 Exit Daxun No. 34, get on and off
2) Control Area / Rabbit Tax Area: T2 Control Area F51 、Get on and off at boarding gate 52, get on and off at "4 Control Area [Transfer Lounge]
3) Service Hours: 05:00am-10 minutes between 01:00am and 20 minutes between 01:00am~05:00am / Spot
4) Driving time: about 10 minutes.
5. Why is there a "non-control area" and "control area"? This is related to the rabbit tax shop:
(1)'T1 ~ T4 each terminal You can apply for tax refunds in all buildings, Singapore The process of boarding and exiting at the airport is as follows:
apply for tax refund→check in→check baggage 1st security clearance→tax refund→shopping in duty-free zone→second security check→boarding
As mentioned above, the security check at Singapore Airport there twice, the first time after the completion of the security, that is, into the past after the airport control zone / rabbit tax area, you can start to buy it!
tax control area between the store (2) contacts T1, T2 or T3
these There are special small trains between the two terminals, which will take you to the airport control area of these terminals.
(3) The rabbit tax shop
in the T4 terminal holds the boarding pass of the T4 terminal and can go freely T1 ~ T3 regulated area shopping; but hold T1 ~ T3 departure of people boarding pass, can not enter the T4 Terminal control area 6, how to go shopping at Changi Airport T4 or T3, T2 control area Free zone? To from The control area of T4 goes to the control area/tax area of T1~T2~T3, and you have to take the transfer from the control area of T4 terminal
1) First, you need to go to "Terminal 4 to apply for a tax refund, get your boarding pass, and then go through the first security check and enter the T4 control zone/tuple tax zone.
2) Follow [Transfer to T1, T2&T3] the signs go find travel T1, T2 & T3 turnaround passage , a little hard to find, you can ask airport staff on-site.
3) or, you can find the store] [Avenue Kids, between electrical store nearby, sit elevator to the first floor, you will see a turn for the better channel the.
4) to the Transfer to T1, T2 & T3 Lounge , the staff will check your boarding pass straight, with where you are going and when to take off, if the distance boarding There is only 1-2 hours left, and they may remind you to come back on time to board the plane.
5) Obtain the shuttle voucher: The staff will give you a sticker with the T4 logo, and you have to put this sticker on your clothes Go up, this is your voucher to pass between several terminals
6) Wait for the car in the waiting area to board the plane, remember not to drop the sticker with the T4 logo, otherwise the return journey will be very troublesome

2. Airport infrastructure

1. Free internet and charging The
terminal has a free internet, and there are more than 800 charging ports to charge electronic devices. The first thing you do when you arrive at Changi Airport is to receive the free Wi-Fi password. As long as you see a machine labeled "Free Wi-Fi", you can take your passport to the machine and scan the five-digit Wi-Fi login password. After entering it, you can surf the Internet for free for three hours, and you can claim it again after three hours. I’ve been online for another three hours, but if you download the iChangi app, you can directly surf the Internet for 24 hours for free, so you don’t have to get it every three hours.
The machine teaches you how to get a password, basically just put the page of the passport with the photo on it and scan it. Then select "#WiFi@Changi" from the Wi-Fi list, and the page for entering the password will pop up, select "OTP via Info Counter / Kiosk", enter the five-digit password and you can surf the Internet for free for three hours.
2, theme gardens
with green city proud of Singapore , the airport also has green space, each Terminal has a theme park.
Including the Water Lily Garden, Cactus Garden, Square Garden, Tree Sculpture Garden in Terminal 1, Dream Garden, Orchid Garden and Sunflower Garden in Terminal 2, Butterfly Garden and Crystal Garden in Terminal 3, No. 4 Wonderful flower garden in the terminal building.
The butterfly garden in Terminal 3 simulates a tropical climate, with flowers of various colors, thousands of tropical butterflies, an area where you can observe butterflies up close, and a six-meter-long cave waterfall, especially suitable for bringing children together .
In addition to the garden, there is also a popular facility at the exit on the 1st floor of Terminal 3-a large slide, which can slide from the 1st floor to B3, and the fastest speed can reach 6 meters per second. , After spending S$10 at Changi Airport, you can play once for free by taking the invoice receipt to the service counter to exchange for an experience voucher, or you can pay S$30 to experience twice.
4. 24-hour free cinema
If you don’t want to spend money in the VIP room, but want to take a break, I recommend the 24-hour free cinema in Changi Airport Terminal 2 and 3, where you can watch movies comfortably, if you just want to transfer. If you need to wait a few hours, this is a good choice. (The Departure Transit Lounge near the Sunflower Garden on the 3rd floor of Terminal 2. The other is located at the Departure Transit Lounge North on the 3rd floor of Terminal 3 near the Ambassador Transit Lounge.) One thing to note, every week It will be closed for maintenance from 10 pm to 4 am the next morning.
5. Game hall
If you like games, the Terminal 2 Entertainment Hall is your paradise, where you can experience free LAN games, Xbox Kinect games and PlayStation 3 games.
6. Social Tree The social tree
in Terminal 1 can share and upload photos and videos, and save good memories in interactive media sculptures. You can watch it again when you arrive at Changi Airport next time.
7. Transit hotels
There are also transit hotels in the three terminals of Changi Airport. You can check in without going through immigration procedures.
They are the Airotel Transit Hotel in the Departure Transit Hall on the 3rd floor of Terminal 1, the Ambassador Transit Hotel in the Departure Transit Hall (above the Orchid Garden) on the 3rd floor of Terminal 2, and the Ambassador Transit Hotel in Terminal 3. The Ambassador Transit Hotel in the Departure Transit Hall (next to the cinema) on the 3rd floor.
The facilities of the transit hotel are very good, but the price is also more expensive, 6 hours 90 dollars, more than 6 hours at 20 dollars per hour.
8. Transit VIP Lounge
The rainforest lounge in Terminal 1 and the Ambassador Transit Lounge in Building 3 are also good choices. You can enjoy drinks, refreshments, showers, gyms, massages and other services here. New 58.85 every 5 hours For children, S$29.43 per 5 hours, free for children under 5 years old.
Lounge chairs and sofas Even if you don't want to spend money to stay in a hotel or transit VIP room, it doesn't matter, because in fact, you will find people sleeping in various corners of Changi Airport. And because Changi Airport has many free and comfortable lounge chairs and sofas to use!
There is a Snooze Lounge in the departure transfer hall of each terminal of Changi Airport, which is free to use. There are OSIM massage chairs and ergonomic lounge chairs. If you transfer overnight, you can get a good rest.
When you sleep, you can go to the bathroom to wash, or spend about S$10 to take a bath in the shower room. A towel and a drink will be provided for the bath.
10. Food.
Changi Airport is an internationally renowned food hub. Southeast Asia and even the world's food can be eaten here. It is definitely not an expensive and unpalatable airport meal.
Basically, you can use US dollars, Euros, Singapore dollars, Renminbi and other currencies for consumption here, but you can only find change For Singapore Dollars, if you don’t want to collect change from various countries, just use your credit card! Now there are Alipay and WeChat, which are super convenient.
The Staff Canteen on the basement level of Terminal 1 is also open to the public. You can find chicken rice, nasi lemak, Thai stir-fry, spicy hot pot, cold skin, etc. If you are in a hurry, it is a good choice to have a meal here.
The 24-hour food court on the 3rd floor of Terminal 2 is open 24 hours a day. This is a food stall and restaurant. Prawn noodles, laksa, and Hainanese chicken rice are all signature dishes here. Bak Kut Teh tastes good.
B2 Food Terminal is the third area, there are Singapore The famous traditional breakfast shop-Yakun, the aroma of toast is paired with the aroma of soft boiled eggs and coffee. It really makes you hungry just smelling the aroma! Ya Kun airport shop is open 24 hours, regardless of when you can eat tempting to toast ~
In addition to the food area B2, in the third floor of the building floor 3 aircraft into the customs control zone where there are Singapore Food Street offers Numerous food choices.

3. How to handle self-service check-in and self-check luggage

Singapore entry and exit Singapore airport self check-Raiders
Singapore Zhang straight airport "Changi Airport" to use the "fun pass Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST)" system helps travel
passenger self-service check-in, a lot less counter, self-service check-in to enjoy " kiosk machine "to replace the
first step: to print boarding pass and checked baggage
self-service check-in, as long as you" into the ticket Booking Number in kiosks "kiosk machine, or scan your protected
photos, you can receive Printed boarding pass and checked baggage tag "Luggage Tag"
Step 2: Check
in at the self-service baggage check-in machine. Put your baggage on the self-service baggage check-in machine. If the baggage is overweight, the relevant baggage check-in opportunity will turn on a red light and the staff Will come to assist
you. You can choose to rearrange your checked baggage or pay by voice.
Step 3: Verify your identity and pass the self-service border gate
Self-service customs
clearance gates will use Multi Biometric Checks to verify the identity of passengers through fingerprints, iris images and faces. Passengers who meet the conditions can pass the border lightly.
Step four: over security
after the completion of these four steps, you enter the Singapore airport control zones and a large rabbit departure tax area, you can buy buy buy!

4. Singapore tax refund

The consumption tax in Singapore is 7%, but after deducting service fees, the tax rebate rate is basically around 5.5%. You can find the merchants with the "Tax Refund" logo or spend more than SGD 100 in the same store to enjoy the tax refund. For taken to the Singapore foreign goods, may be refunded in specific businesses, Changi International Airport or a particular airport. Tax refund service fees may be deducted from the tax refund amount. Please note that the tax refund is only applicable to departure by air.
1. What are the requirements for applying for a tax refund?
Not a Singapore permanent resident
within 24 months prior to the acquisition date, in Singapore Stay no more than 365 days
within six months prior to the acquisition date, have not been in Singapore employed
the purchase age of 16 years or more
is not a departure to Singapore flights or international cruise travel service personnel
2, how to enjoy tax refund?
1) Must spend S$100 (including consumption tax), and you can accumulate up to 3 same-day receipts/invoices at the same retail store;
2) Must use tax refund card or eTRS tax refund application at the eTRS electronic tax refund service station in the airport or cruise center Tax rebate;
3) You must bring the goods through Changi International Airport or Seletar Airport or Harbour City within 2 months from the date of purchase Singapore Cruise Center or Singapore Marina Bay Cruise Center Departure;
4) If the Harbourfront Singapore Cruise Center or Singapore To depart from the Marina Bay Cruise Center, you must take an international cruise (except for cruises with no destination, cruises with round trips and regional ferries). You must declare that you are leaving Singapore , and confirm that the cruise will not be the same route back to
5) using the Cheng take your cruise itinerary as proof of entry. In addition, it must promise that you will not return in the next 48 hours Singapore ;
6) You need to carry goods within 12 hours after obtaining the approval of the departure tax;
7) If you have a student visa, you must meet all of the above conditions, to purchase goods within 4 months before the expiration of student ID card, and intends to carry goods purchased leave Singapore At least 12 months.
3. What kind of goods cannot apply for tax refund?
Product has Singapore been fully or partially used
goods will be used for commercial purposes
of goods via freight exports
belong to the class of goods and services, such as: lodging, car rental, entertainment and tours fee
PS: In addition to the above commodities, where attached with excise taxes are you can apply for tax refund
4 reimbursed by way of
arriving in Singapore after the airport before check-in, looking for a GST refund counters can apply for a refund.
There are 2 tax refund methods, self-service machine tax refund and manual tax refund.
PS: Apple products and some products whose value is not too high can be processed for self-service tax refund, and some luxury goods can only be processed through manual counters.
1) Manual eTRS tax refund application steps a. When shopping
When shopping in eTRS retail stores, use the same credit/debit card as the tax refund card to mark all purchase records. When leaving, ask the store for the eTRS tax refund slip and the original invoice/receipt.
b. Before departure Before
check-in (before the departure gate), apply for a tax refund for goods and services that have been issued eTRS at the eTRS self-service counter.
If you need to consign consumer goods, please use your voucher or eTRS ticket to apply for a consumption tax refund at the eTRS self-service counter located in the departure hall of the airport (before departure procedures) or on the first floor of the cruise terminal. Do not consign tax-refundable goods to the customs. They cannot inspect the goods and cannot get the tax refund. It must be checked by the customs before consignment!
If you want to take your consumer goods with you, please bring your consumer goods to the airport departure transfer hall (after departure procedures) or the second floor of the cruise terminal to apply for a tax refund at the eTRS self-service counter.
Tax refund form tax refund steps
a. When shopping,
if the consumer merchant does not have the eTRS logo, that is, it does not belong to the eTRS system, please provide the tax refund form, fill it in and sign it. Please save the original invoice/receipt after consumption.
b. Before leaving the country,
hold the tax refund form and go to the Customs Inspection Counter (Customs Inspection Counter) to apply. You need to show consumer goods, initial invoice/receipt, boarding pass, and ticket confirmation. The customs will roughly check whether the items you buy are consistent with the documents, and then stamp the documents. After stamping at the customs inspection office, drop the form into the airport mailbox. The form will be sent to the corresponding merchant for processing.
Tax refund by machine.
Some shops don't need to fill out the tax refund form by themselves. Give the clerk your passport, and they will give you a tax refund receipt. There are self-service machines in the airport tax refund area and you can apply for tax refund by yourself.
Self-service application is relatively simple, first select the language, Chinese is available. Then swipe the passport to confirm personal information, and then scan the barcode on the shopping list, the tax refund machine can read the information of the tax refund goods, and then choose whether to refund to the card or withdraw cash, and then print a tax refund form. If you choose to return the cash, just take the tax refund form and withdraw the money at the GST refund counter after exiting the country.

5. Changi Airport Tax Rebate

There are 3 terminals at Changi Airport, and each terminal can receive tax refunds. The main process is as follows: apply for tax refund-check-in procedures-checked luggage-customs clearance-tax refund-shopping in the duty-free zone- -Security check-boarding.
Tax refund is to apply for the tax refund form GST Refound on this self-service machine. If you don’t understand, the staff will help you. Find this counter after exiting customs for tax refund.

There are 3 points to note:
1) When applying for a tax refund, some of them depend on the goods on your tax bill, so it is recommended that you do not pack it first, and then pack it for consignment after you get the tax refund form, and then find the tax refund after customs clearance Tax refund at the counter, you can choose to refund cash or credit card.
2) In the duty-free shopping area after customs, many things are super cheap, especially cosmetics that are cheaper. DFS cigarettes and Watsons care series are all recommended. Avene spray 300ml, domestic counters 158 yuan, Watsons only 2 bottles for 138 yuan, that's right, 2 bottles! Don’t worry that sprays and liquids can’t be boarded on the plane. Anything you buy in the duty-free zone will be sealed by the store and you can just bring it on the plane.
3) Finally, I went through the security check, because Changi Airport went through the security check and boarded directly. There is nothing left, dear, only the toilet, so friends who want to shop must wait for the last security check~!

Goods bought on Changi Airport ishop can also be picked up at this counter, just pick up the goods directly~!

6. Choose the refund method
. For tourists who depart through Changi International Airport, the tax refund applied for will be refunded to your credit card, or paid to you by cash or Alipay. For tourists departing via Seletar Airport, Singapore Marina Bay Cruise Center and the International Passenger Terminal at Harbourfront Center, the tax refund will be refunded to your credit card or paid to you by bank check.
(1) Credit card tax refund: You can board and leave after submitting the tax refund application. Once the tax refund application is approved, the refund amount will be credited to your designated credit card within 10 days.
(2) Cash refund: bring the approved notice to the Central Refund Counter located in the departure transfer hall (after the departure procedures) to collect cash.
(3) Bank check tax refund: Personal information, such as payee's name, mailing address, etc., must be filled in the approved notice, and this notice must be deposited into the designated check tax refund box. The bank check will be mailed to you within 14 days after the approved notice is put into the designated box.
(4) In 2018, Alipay has launched the instant tax refund service at the airport; China Tourists can enjoy a more favorable exchange rate by using Alipay for tax refund in time at Changi Airport, and they can be credited to their Alipay accounts immediately. (For Chinese Super convenient for visitors)

7, rebates place
1) Changi International Airport - Departure Lounge and transit room
2) Seletar Airport - Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Duty
3) Harbourfront Singapore Cruise Center - —1st and 2nd floors
4) Singapore Marina Bay Cruise Center-1st, 2nd and mid-floor

airports are equipped with machines that automatically check tax refund forms. You can apply with your passport and the previously filled-in form. Then you can check your luggage directly. After you leave customs, you can pick up the money or Choose to transfer the returned money to the card. There are many people, I suggest you go early, and if the amount is not large, it is best to refund the new currency and spend it at the airport, because if you refund the RMB, you will lose an exchange rate. Or return to the Alipay account. Anyway, Changi Airport can use WeChat and Alipay.

6. Luggage storage at Changi Airport

7. Recommended souvenirs for purchase at Changi Airport

1. Bengawansolo pandan cake, egg rolls, hot sauce
2. TWG all kinds of tea products
. Not only does the tea taste good, the tea set is also very beautiful. The price is relatively high but it is very decent as a gift
3. Singapore limited edition Nissin cup noodles 🍜
There are three kinds taste are curry crab, seafood Tom Yum Kung, laksa, not cheap, but you can try to buy
4, IRVINS salted egg yolk skin ( Singapore network red snack)
in mid-17 years in Singapore Suddenly began to fire salted egg yolk snacks. This is one of the more famous ones. There is its own counter at the airport. The
black ducklings are cute and the snacks taste good.
There are three: skin salted egg yolk, salted egg yolk cassava chips, potato chips, salted egg yolk
personal favorite skin around the price of a packet 7 new currency, packaged about 14 new coins
5, airports and some special sale of Singapore specialty shops, in fact, Singapore The medicines are also very famous.
Watsons sells many medicines, you can see which one is needed. Tiger signs such as creams, Tiger Balm, etc. ....
these are in Singapore You can buy it at the airport

Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport

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Thank you for this journey and you  

Homecoming episode

Originally No. 1 early morning flight back to Guangzhou , the results because the domestic epidemic is getting worse. Scoot directly reduced flights, flying every day to become a group of Guangzhou , and then we just canceled the flight, luggage somehow morning, ready to go Check out, only to find the Flying Pig APP shown above flight cancellations. OMG encountered this for the first time, and felt a little panicked because we  Singapore visa expire in 3 days, if we do not fly back to No. 4, then we will be in Singapore stay Fortunately, however, I immediately booked my ticket to see if there is no new flight, thanks to the early morning there is 2 flights fly Guangzhou , then immediately bought    . But we have to check out, only to Singapore airport stayed so as not to rent more than one night, but feel the decision is wrong, because sleeping at the airport tired oh This is the sixth year after I graduated sixth of Traveling, in retrospect, I used to go with my friends, next time I hope to go with someone I like   
那天凌晨从 新加坡 飞回 广州 的时候,下很大雨,飞机比较颠簸,有点害怕,但飞机降落在 广州 白云机场的时候,那个灯在闪,心终于安定了,还是回家最舒服,此时机场已经连免税店都关闭了,看来国内疫情越来越严重了。(PS: 回家之后,为了家里人安全起见,我还在老家自己隔离了14天  
There is a saying that is very good, which day will be the next time, which time will be next, and how long will it be in the future, to experience and regret. Keep in love, rush to the mountains and seas# We are all going to our different lives.

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