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An exciting departure and a romantic journey

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  • Departure time / 2019-10-03
  • Travel days / 4 days
  • People / and friends
  • Per capita cost / 10000RMB

🔘 write in front

Yes, when I go to Singapore and Malaysia, I rushed to Universal Studios.
Last year, the Osaka into Japan , abruptly did not go to Universal Studios, think back to how how the loss, and my heart very greedy September business trip take the opportunity to play Shanghai 
Disney, it’s Universal Studios.
Finally, when the National Day came, I called my girlfriend Big Bear, and my girlfriend got a friend Linzi, and the three sisters embarked on a journey to Singapore and Malaysia.
I did not expect a road necessarily so exciting after an exciting departure, was a romantic encounter journey. When it comes to Singapore and Malaysia, few people will describe it as romantic. But I met a really romantic landscape - little India in walked a head covered with flowers and pendants blingbling alleys. Occasional St Andrew's Church of the Chinese couple's wedding. Sudan 

Flock of pigeons circling in front of the mosque.
A waterfall in the cloud forest.
The floating mosque against the burning sunset.
Mermaid Island Blue wishing starfish.
A complete rainbow appeared under the pink sky.
Swarms of fireflies in the mangroves at night.
As usual, let's come with a wave of warm-up pictures~

💔Exciting departure

Why is it exciting?
This is entirely self-inflicted.
Because of poverty, we chose the most tortuous route. 10.3 Shenzhen - Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur - Singapore 10.6 

Singapore -Kota Kinabalu
10.9 Kota Kinabalu- Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur - Shenzhen To
put it bluntly, I only have two destinations ( Singapore , Kota Kinabalu) ). To save money, go to Singapore, choose from Kuala Lumpur transit; from Kota Kinabalu back to Shenzhen Or choose to go to Kuala Lumpur turn. What is terrible is that the ticket is not a joint ticket.
I did a lot of homework before I set off, and netizens told me personally that it worked! Not a joint ticket will work! To Kuala Lumpur turning point of entry do not have transfer counters and electronic ticket machines for the next leg of print boarding passes. In Shenzhen I also have airport and AirAsia check-ground confirmation, it says so, she can not print here the next leg of the boarding pass, so I went to Kuala Lumpur turnaround at the print, did not have to enter the country. Wait until the Kuala Lumpur airport, perplexing, turn-the-way ticket counter only treatment, and did not have an electronic ticket machines. I need to enter the country first, print the boarding pass at the airport, and then leave the country to board the plane.
However, I do only one Malaysian electronic endorsement, if this spent 3 days in no way from Kota Kinabalu Entry. You can only use your luck to apply for a transit visa. I've learned before that I usually have already applied for an endorsement to give priority to endorsements, and will not let you hide the endorsements, so I will get you a transit visa. So it's just a chance.
Fortunately, I was lucky this time, and the customs gave me a transit visa and let me enter the country without any hesitation.
Unfortunately, I only reserved less than two hours for the transfer! Entry, ticket collection, exit, security check and boarding, which one does not require long queues? Fortunately, I deliberately streamlined my luggage and did not check it within 7 kg, otherwise it would take more time to pick up my luggage and check it in. I was really scared, and if that fails, then it was not really spent, direct a person stranded in Kuala Lumpur . .
I was singing Stefanie Sun's "Run" in my head, "Let's start running at the starting line... the heartbeat is flying through the sky and desperately chasing..." I panicked, dragging a suitcase to the airport.
It seems that Universal Studios wanted me to go, but eventually caught up with the plane. The moment I saw the big bear at the boarding gate, he almost cried out. He adds that they are from Beijing Departure, I am from Shenzhen starting convergence process in the second flight. The two sister more than I do a ride, in which the river is still Lijiang turn for the better, or take high-speed rail to Tianjin fly, but also all kinds of ups and downs along the way. .
This journey was destined to be extraordinary. It was so exciting at the beginning, so that after more than an hour on the plane, I still couldn't calm down for a long time. Big Bear said: "Little Bear, why do you keep shaking your feet?" That's because I panicked!
A person alone can’t find anyone outside to discuss it. At the airport, he becomes a mess of porridge, and almost misses the plane. Holding the staff to ask questions in sloppy English and translation software, and can’t understand what other people are saying. It's a gaffe again, this feeling is definitely not good. But it is really unforgettable. This is the lovely and charming part of travel. Nothing outside of the comfort zone is under control. There are often unknown changes or unexpected hits that will catch you by surprise, but it will also give you a lot of unforgettable and surprises. , Found that "I am not very good in this respect" and "I can do it too."

🍛Indian curry supper beside the mosque

To Singapore was already dark, take the subway to the hotel is done and luggage, and went out to find to eat supper.
We live in the vicinity of Bugis hotel, there is one called "Zam Zam" of Indian restaurants score high, there are said to be online in Singapore will eat one restaurant. I went only to see it in Sudan Next to the mosque. Evening Sudan back in the decorative lighting of exceptional beauty, like that of an Arab princess romantic elegance, we will come to appreciate her a few days later in the day, I tried to get more than that, went straight to the Zam Zam restaurant opposite.

It can be seen from this green sign that this is a Muslim restaurant. When I was still in front of the store, I asked about the smell of barbecue. Business is also very good.
The road on which this street is located is very quiet, and this one shop is bustling and occupies the entire street. This restaurant is a food stall. The seats are placed on the sidewalk, full of guests with black hair and yellow hair. We squeezed past the roadside table, and the headscarfed sister at the cash register directed us upstairs.

The area upstairs is quite large, and it is also full of people. It seems that this store must taste very good. I told Daxiong that Daxiong is also looking forward to it. No Chinese menu, but there is a Chinese waiter, is a Northeast guy, we let the old iron No dishes to us.
Indian restaurant to eat hot when India Fei Bing, ordered a beef Fei Bing, Indian fried rice noodles, and their most famous tea. It was all super albums, but luckily we didn't order much. Sitting next to us is a pair of Jiangsu to the older couples, to see the price is very affordable, it is a lot of points, all of them are the result up big plates, expressed uncle too much, pushing the dish to our side, "the little girl Try it too, we can't eat it." We shook our heads, indicating that we could not finish our own order.
But the taste, I really can’t get used to it.
Thailand I have tried the curry. It is really fragrant, especially the seafood cooked in yellow curry. It is so fragrant, like eating cheese. This is the first time I have eaten Indian curry. The taste is very strong, rich and mellow. It is an indescribable taste, like the body odor of months of not taking a bath (guilty, radish and greens have their own love, I really can’t get used to it. , Love, please forgive my description). The taste of beef is also very strong.
But tea is delicious. The name is Lacha, which is actually milk tea. It is very similar to Hong Kong-style milk tea. It is not greasy at all. My friend ordered a pink milk tea. I used to think of pink girl, now the more I look at it, the more beautiful it becomes. It seems that I am really getting older. The pink milk tea tastes sour and sweet, but I instinctively don't like it. I was instilled by my elders since I was a child, saying that this brightly-colored drink has a lot of flavors and pigments, so I instinctively resist it physically.

My best friend Big Bear is really a cute and warm girl. She always looks serious, but she is as cute as a child when she knows you, especially her happiness is very contagious, not hahahahaha that drives the atmosphere Kind of, but to pass cheerful emotions to your heart without knowing it. Staying with her is relaxed and comfortable, even if you don't speak, you won't feel embarrassed. She is using ice cubes to make fingers to show us.

1⃣️First day

🎢 This Universal Studios is a bit small

Here comes, finally the next day, the day to go to Universal Studios.
As I said before, this time I went to Singapore and Malaysia, Universal Studios was the main course, and the rest was just a fun time. Go to Shanghai Disneyland is your online guide me, listen to my command wizard which ranked team on the row which team. Singapore Universal Studios online less information (a search full of Osaka and Los Angeles ), the sisters discussed a few must-play items, decided to get a list of items and performance schedules, and then temporarily decided the order of the tour. The general strategy is to play first, then take pictures, play the must-play items first, and do whatever else happens. Since the 10.4 in Singapore during children's holidays, we decided to spend millions to buy tickets quickly.

I got on the little train to Sentosa, and I felt happy inside. The weather was a bit hot, but I still talked a lot.
When you arrive at Sentosa, you can see the joyous atmosphere of the amusement park. There is a colorful statue of Merlion on the road, which is very beautiful. I always have to take selfies when I encounter such beautiful iconic sculptures. Today I have no desire at all, and I walked quickly to Universal Studios without looking back, I'm afraid I will arrive later.

I saw the iconic rotating earth at Universal Studios from a long distance and couldn't help laughing. However, seeing a few super long lines next to him, I could only laugh and cry. It seemed that it was too late.
He touched the conscience to speak, to deal with a large number of tourists, crowd dispersal, or the Chinese mainland security well, a lot of humble scenic, Z-shaped fence line has. There are no guardrails here, people line up spontaneously, and there is no staff to maintain order, and there are still queues and chaotic lines. The experience is a loss of points.
In the process of queuing up, there are people who catch the ball. Finally, Big Bear captured a close-up shot of nothing.

Came in, queuing to enter the park + queuing to buy fast tickets for almost 2 hours, watching the crowds of tourists, buying fast tickets is really right!
Singapore Universal Studios is the smallest Universal Studios in the world. This is what I knew before. After I came, I really felt a little delicate, and there was a suspicion of "Why is this over?"
Universal Studios has seven themes, Madagascar , Hollywood , New York , Lost world, distant kingdom, science fiction world, the whole park is arranged like a fruit tray with melon seeds and peanut candy for the New Year, and every partition is a theme garden.

A door is Hollywood Park, a small yellow people here to welcome you! The first project we rush to see "Transformers 3D the ultimate showdown," no time to feel Hollywood passionate 

Transformers are in the "Science Fiction World", from " Hollywood " to "Science Fiction World", passing by " New York ", " New York " has no big projects, mainly Sesame Street-themed buildings, very suitable for taking pictures. Our state is to walk forward quickly, head constantly looking around, looking at the beautiful buildings on both sides.

Looking up is a huge bumblebee, very atmospheric. For the "Transformers" series, I don't have much feelings. I only know that I have watched it. It was very good when I watched it, but I immediately forgot the plot after watching it. If you are a Transformers fan, you will be super excited!
Leaving this big IP aside, "Transformers 3D Ultimate Showdown" is awesome. Even if you haven’t seen Transformers and don’t know Bumblebee, it won’t affect your understanding at all. It’s a great audiovisual enjoyment. One of the best projects in Universal Studios, it's okay to go straight to him in the park!

From Transformers, Madagascar performances begin friends, nonstop toward Madagascar park. There is a saying that children will not cry if they fall down at Disney, because they have no time to cry, so they have to get up and play immediately. There is nothing wrong with using this sentence in Universal Studios for adults. There are too many beautiful and fun projects to start one after another, just want to catch one by one without stopping.
Hey, I really regret why I have to wear these damn sandals. I can’t run fast, and my feet hurt.
Madagascar ", I really like it. Originally, this is also a cartoon with singing and dancing, so I am also looking forward to this performance. Arrived there, the performance has already begun, surrounded by many tourists, I saw a group of "animals" dancing from the crowd, joyful music is always easy to drive the atmosphere, the air suddenly filled with the smell of tropical jungle carnival, just like a Ripe mango exploded. But I don’t know if it’s because the performance is too short or something. I always feel that it’s still not strong, and what are the shortcomings. It would be better if the singing and dancing had some storytelling, but the left side and the right side were neatly rushed and rushed and it was over.

The next must-play item is the Future Water World. The future water world is in the "Lost World" park, passing by the "Remote Kingdom" in the middle.
We went to the Future Water World to take a look at it. It was still early, so we first played the Shrek Castle in the "Remote Kingdom" next door.
The "Shrek" series is also one of my childhood favorites, especially the boot cat in it, the movie "Cat in Boots" derived from the boot cat, and the short film "The Three Musketeers with Cute Cats" are all super love! Especially the three small cats, cute and dead, not worthy of their lives!
Shrek Castle is really domineering, and inside is a 4D theater. Line up to enter the castle, first shut everyone out of the theater, there is a background interpretation of the story, then the theater door opens, everyone goes in and finds a seat, the vibrating seat and the non-vibrating seat are arranged in order. Recommend sitting on vibrating seats!
In the beginning, we made non-vibrating seats. Since it was all in English, there were no subtitles. Our English was not good. Our sisters had never watched this series of movies. When it was cool in the theater, I just wanted to sleep while sitting. Later, when I ran to the rear vibrating seat, it was much more powerful. The vibration effect matched the plot, which made people laugh more.

Due to the long lineup in Shrek Castle, the future water world has already started over there, and you can only watch the next performance. During this period, go to play other things first.
Hollywood Minions parade is about to begin over there! This Universal Studios, the IP I most look forward to, is none other than the little yellow guy, Chong Duck! Run quickly and occupy favorable terrain.
The little yellow man is really popular. As soon as the music rang, tourists came from all directions and surrounded the little yellow man strictly. It's all popular songs, and I danced to the music of eating chicken. I squeezed in front like a happy old father and watched a group of yellow cuties jump and give out candy to everyone. The corners of my mouth were happy. Flower, even want to leave a few tears of moving. It's worth it, this ticket is worth buying.
As soon as the performance was over, the line immediately formed. I'm still looking back at the performance just now, but I didn't realize that everyone is going to queue to take pictures. The line is already very long. Big Bear asked me: Are we still in line? I shook my head decisively and went! No matter how deep the love is, you must stop it immediately. This is the restraint of adults. After all, there is too much fun in front of it~

Walked to the door of Madagas again, all came, let's go in and have a look!
This was a wrong decision. The "Wooden Box Drifting" project is relatively low-five, like Disney's Winnie the Pooh project. I got in by car, and I was so bored that I almost slept in the car and couldn't get off, wasting my precious time. After all, Universal Studios is so much fun and the opportunity cost is a bit high.

Finally made Madagascar the trolley car, I did not expect it began to rain, the radio shouting: all outdoor projects suspended. The future of Water World is also an outdoor project. It has been suspended. We have to find an indoor project. It seems there is only a mummy roller coaster.
The Mummy Roller Coaster is a big and highly rated project, and it is also one of the must-play projects that we reached a consensus. But I resisted it in my heart, because it was a horrible roller coaster~
Don't look at my parents who gave me tall and mighty, under this huge body is a rat gall. Horror movies, haunted houses and so on, I'm very scared. But all came. .
When Chinese people travel, everything can't be more than the phrase "come all come". Come in, come in; come, come, just have a look; come, come, just taste; come, come, just buy some. .
In order not to regret it, I went to store the parcels and queued up nervously.
Mummy roller coaster, installed in a Egypt Inside the temple building, the door is called I do not know what the two of Egypt animal janitor, the whole atmosphere is great. Under this tall and mighty building, my courage was reduced by an inch. The whole cave is dark and gloomy, decorated like the inside of a pyramid, and there is also a terrifying BGM. Because of the rain outside, everyone came to play indoor events, and the team took a long and long shot. I don't know if it's the scary music and dim environment. Although many people are quiet, everyone is quiet, which makes me more anxious. After more than an hour of anxiety, it finally came to us. There can only be two in a row. Thanks to another sister, Lin, for letting me sit with Big Bear. I held Big Bear's hand tightly. I would like to add that I am not hypocritical, I am really scared, rat gall, trembling all over. .
After sitting down, I realized that I thought it was a king, but it was actually a bronze. The scariest thing was to scare myself in line for more than an hour.
The roller coaster is a "drama scene", said something to us in the adventure, alerted the mummies, gold Tarifa The "evil" on the face ran after us. By film and television sound and light temperature, analog pitched Tarifa face scenes, such as saying there will be bugs chasing you run feel, you feel the fire burning in the back. It's horrible, it's so average. Because the roller coaster is fast, I can't see anything.
But the irritation is quite stimulating, especially in the process of going backwards quickly. I feel my heart is about to jump out, and the weightlessness is obvious. If I have a little more heart, I will not be able to stand it. Lin feels bad when I get off the car and says I want to vomit. Slowly.

Slowly, let's go to the future world to watch the show. Just when the rain stopped, people were let in there.
After riding the mummy roller coaster, I feel refreshed, don't let it go, a stone in my heart is put down (I don't want to admit that because I was riding the horrible roller coaster today, I had a nightmare last night), and went to the show happily.

Entering the theater, the performance has already begun. The theater is divided into wet zone, semi-wet zone and dry zone. Many people didn't bring raincoats, they all sat in the back. The first few rows were empty~ we came with "equipment", a raincoat and sat at the front.
This performance is adapted from the movie "Future Water World". Unfortunately, I haven't seen it. The whole conversation in English, without subtitles, is difficult to understand the plot, but the water war is super exciting! There is no safety rope, and I really worry about the actors flying up and down. The venue is large, the duration is long, flying and jumping and fighting, and many action scenes of gunfighting and hand-to-hand combat, which require high physical strength for the actors.
Because not read, so the experience is lower than expected, individuals still prefer Shanghai Disneyland Jiale than theater performances, that is very exciting.

Next, it is natural to walk to the Space Fort roller coaster in the "Science Fiction City" park. This is a double-track roller coaster. The red is the traditional roller coaster for the human team, and the blue is the suspension roller coaster for the mechanical team. Maybe it's because of getting older and having a bad heart (it changed), and the three girls chose the human roller coaster by appointment.
It may be due to luck. The red roller coaster has been overhauled. We lined up three times in a row. Every time we approached, we said that the overhaul should be suspended. A few days ago, the news said that the roller coaster was crashed. I was really afraid of it. In the end, I didn't play it. Good, safe I took a photo with him under the roller coaster, as if I had sat. 

I didn't build a space castle, but took the "Shoe Cat Swordsman Adventure" suspended roller coaster. Compared with the "Space Fort", this roller coaster is simply "pediatric" ~ but I like the IP, and the roller coaster has a unique design. It's just that the line is very long and long, and the line is not tempered.
Another long queue is Jurassic Drifting, which is a classic project of Universal Studios. But the rafting is very gentle and uneasy. Fortunately, there is a little bit of surprise in it. Otherwise, I would really like to spit on this project.

More than 4 points less than five points, the project arranged to have Ann row, the next time to take pictures. We went from the "future world" back to " Hollywood ", and just saw the Transformers dancing performance on the road, surrounded by the tight ones, and we can only look at it from a distance and take pictures with a mobile phone telephoto.

Now is the time to take pictures, maybe one day play tired, after a New York park, beautiful building, but the sisters have no desire to take photographs until you see the little yellow man, everyone excited, and small yellow people to line up to take pictures statue Everyone didn't think it was difficult to shoot in the team, so they lined up and took a slap-shot.

The Xiaohuangren theme store is also very easy to visit, there are many surrounding areas, but the price is a bit high.

A small yellow people shop, back to Hollywood street, has no interest in taking pictures of anything, I took a few photos of little yellow people and vehicles, honestly find a star father to rest. Still getting older. The old sisters can't move their legs.
Only now I realized that I just had fun, and even forgot to eat lunch, and I didn't feel hungry the whole time. Before going to Hong Kong Disneyland , too, until watching the fireworks show, we ate dinner on one, but totally hungry. It seems that sometimes the spirit can overwhelm the body.
There is no light show, no floats parade. It is now during the Halloween event. The night is a Halloween theme night show. It is necessary to buy a ticket to go out (the ticket is not cheap). We just took a break at Starbucks, and then we started to clear the scene. Anyway, I can't go shopping anyway, just go out.
Go, take a photo of the ball at the door!

I made a mistake, I thought there would be fewer people in the afternoon. Unexpectedly, it was in the daytime ticket to go out at this time, and the night ticket was ready to enter the venue. The entrance was full of tourists, no less than in the morning.
The old sisters took a sigh of relief and went to take pictures, thinking, they are all here, and there should be a commemorative photo of tourists with the landmark building. But the whole ball is surrounded by people, and the near and far views are full of people. You can't find a lesser angle with a selfie stick. Lin thought of a way: let's make a video, and we can always take a photo with few people. Really witty! However, Lin Zi never caught one of the three long videos.

Lin Zi said: Then P picture! You can P drop all the people behind. Sure enough, it’s better to use P-Picture Dafa. Although the technique is awkward and the picture P is a bit fake, the background is clean and there is no one. 

After taking the photo, the whole person was like a vented balloon, collapsed on the stone bench in the square.
Hey, time is really unforgiving!
Singapore Universal Studios is over. Although it is very tiring, it feels unsatisfactory. It is too small, too few big projects, and very few big projects.
I don't know if it is because of the high expectations. Previously expected to be 8 points, now let me score, 6 points are hovering on the line.
And then I went to Shanghai Disneyland , because they have been to Hong Kong Disneyland , you know how it is, and on her expectations are not particularly high, about 6.5, but feel that we can finish off a 7 points.
Of course, my scoring can't explain anything, it's too subjective, and it's affected by expectations. Anticipation is really a magical thing. I remember that one of my former leaders told us that we should do a good job of expected management of the leadership when reporting the project. I didn't understand what was happening at the time, but I gradually understood.
Now still I want to go to Osaka Universal Studios, where my favorite Harry Potter theme. .
I can feel hunger now, my stomach growls, and I think I can eat a cow.
Are you going to Orchard Road tonight? No more, no more, the sisters waved their hands. Then find something to eat nearby?
What to eat Eat seafood, eat a big meal!
Just search the Internet to a high score this network red shop "seafood republic ."

🍤Singapore Seafood Republic

Very close, less than 200 meters in front walk, went to Singapore Seafood Republic . Sure enough, it was an Internet celebrity shop. There was a queue. The waiting stool at the door was full of people. We had to sit on the stone steps next to it.
Everyone was tired and couldn't speak, but they didn't stop at all. It was like a retouching machine with no emotions, and occasionally there were a few simple conversations.
"Pictures passed to me"
"Nine pictures have been cut together?"
"One short, give me your one, that one is a good one"
"Take a picture and fix your own and throw it away in the group"
More than an hour passed , The picture is almost repaired, and it is our turn.
The average per capita in this shop is more than 300 RMB, there is a service charge, the price is a bit expensive, it is worth studying the menu carefully. You can order a set meal or a la carte. In the end, we still have a single order. The single order can only order what we like~
Ordered the signature chili crab, and this dish must go with fried steamed buns. This sauce is a perfect match for steamed buns. The crab is very plump, you get what you pay for, and the ingredients are full.
I ordered the fried shrimp with salted egg yolk. The salty aroma is overflowing, the outside is crispy and the inside is tender, and the taste is superb! Just eat too much and a bit tired.
I didn't order fried rice and side dishes, thinking about the high price, just order hard dishes here, rice and side dishes are relatively expensive and not worth it. After eating this seafood meal, it's cool to eat, and then I will have supper when I go back. But I was too full. After this meal, I couldn't eat anything, so I went back to sleep.

2⃣️The next day

I went to bed early when I returned to the hotel last night, and it was not very early to get up today. We were greeted by the warm and unrestrained tropical sunshine when we went out, and my mood was particularly sunny.
As we all know, Singapore is a multi-ethnic country with a population of more than 5 million including more than 20 ethnic groups. People walking on the street can see people with various skin looks. Singapore , I feel is a very tolerant city, a bit like Hong Kong , But unlike Hong Kong crowded people Jichong Chong. Singapore is very calm , people walking on the road face is soothing.
Singapore The largest number of people are Chinese, Malays, and Indians . Everyone lives on this land and creates many distinctive cultures and buildings. Today we plan to look at Chinese and Yinduo 's "community" so that Singapore City to Garden City, known for Gardens by the Bay, as well as a sign of the Lion City Merlion.

🕌Flowers around Little India

Small India , as its name suggests, is Xinjia Po Indian ethnic enclaves. When we stepped off the subway station, we were greeted by the fragrance of flowers and strong spices.

Sure enough, a few steps forward is the local market, with various fruits and vegetables on the shelves. There are a lot of vegetables on the ground that we can’t name? fruit?

There are also flower sellers. This is the first time I saw such flower sellers. Chrysanthemums, white magnolias, carnations, daffodils, one by one, were broken down and filled with frames, and some were woven into garlands and hung in strings.
Women will be happy when they see flowers.
At the moment, what I thought in my mind was how cool it would be to take a bath with these flowers. Find a natural hot spring with good scenery and fresh flowers. .

Today is Saturday, particularly local market Yinduo people, a lot of people buy flowers, ladies put a white orchid in the hair department, flowers and her sari together with especially good-looking.

Left to go through the market, is the former residence of Chen Dong age, hidden in a small India in the Chinese construction, a lot of tourists crowd to take pictures. House repair very beautiful, bright colors and colorful, in 1991, also won the Singapore Institute of Architects Award.

Go further and you will reach the main street. Main Street open and spacious, a lot of visitors, tied on top of the road, like a kite decorations, on both sides of the street shops selling the most is India's clothing and gold. There are many small shops for Henna.
It's all here, don't Hina try it?
Sisters looking for a beautiful young Indian little sister's barber shop clerk do Henna.
Miss sister took a book with Henna's style and price in it. If you choose, she will help you draw it.
Henna is packed in a bag, like a pen for making a butter cake and squeezing the cream, squeezing Henna on his hand. You can leave when Henna is done.
Miss sister said that it is best not to get wet today, the color can be kept for one or two weeks.

It’s easy for a woman to be satisfied. I saw the beautiful flowers, got a beautiful Henna, and walked on the street, feeling better~
Walking, I walked to the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, which is a Hindu temple.
This temple wears a beautiful blue "hat" with a large number of lifelike statues carved on the "hat".

A religious ceremony is going on under the large shed at the entrance of the temple. The elders put red or white powder on the foreheads of believers and distributed flowers to the believers.
Visitors to the temple can enter, even if they are doing ceremonies now, they do not exclude tourists from watching and taking pictures. You need to take off your shoes to enter. The inner wall of the temple is made of stone, and the stone pillar walls are enshrined with many gods. The area is small, and it can be regarded as a pocket for the temple, but it is bustling with people, and there are many tourists among the believers. The monks and believers in the temple prayed and performed rituals without being disturbed by tourists. It makes me feel India to teach tolerance and mind.

After leaving the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, I came across a magical narrow alley, like a fairy tale world. Selling blingbling necklace pendants in the alley, hanging flowers and pendants on the head. Pedestrians shuttle among these flowers and pendants, beautifully.
I think of "Howl's Moving Castle" Rihal's room is so golden.

💒Meet the wedding in St. Andrea Church

St. Andre's Church, is a snow-white Gothic church, is Singapore's largest church. From a distance, she looks like a noble queen in white standing in the busy city.
It happened that, just today, the church wedding, church draped under a white tent is ready for the end of the wedding guests in the dining area.
I have seen many church weddings in TV dramas, and this is the first time I have seen it with my own eyes. There is a white wedding car parked in front of the main entrance of the church, and the happy news at the door says the name of the bride and groom. This is a Chinese wedding.
We stood at the door, the wedding march came from the church, all the guests stood up, the bride and groom came to us in the applause of everyone, pink and champagne roses were inserted on both sides of the carpet, the sun shined through the rose glass window, the ceremony It is very solemn and warm, even if we are strangers, we are a little moved.
There is a table at the entrance of the church. The table is covered with tablecloths and flowers. There are many photo frames on the table. In the photo frames are various photos of the bride and groom in their love period. It is very sweet.
I am very happy to be able to witness a wedding during the journey. It is really fate, and I silently wish the couple in my heart.

🌇 Did not find the Chinatown of the bullock cart

Leaving the St. Andrew's church, he got on a bus to go to Chinatown.
Chinatown is Chinatown. The reason why it is called Chinatown is because there was no running water at the time, and the oxcart was used to transport water into Chinatown. This is one of its streets, full of Nanyang arcade appearance, most of the streets are filled with Chinese sub shop and restaurant selling merchandise, the most interesting is to see a blonde uncle, greeted us cheongsam buy their home.
We come from the mainland came to Chinatown, Chinatown aside unique history and culture do not speak, visiting here really did not mean much, like Shenzhen East Gate in Guangzhou , Shangxiajiu in Guangzhou , Jianghan Road in Wuhan .
I am not a person feel boring, we sister Sandu feel boring. Then I thought it was quite unexpected. To be fair, this Chinatown should be fun. How could it be so boring? After discussion, the conclusion is that we may not have reached the most central location.
Lin Zi said that she saw a bullock cart landmark statue here on the Internet, otherwise we found the landmark, took a tourist photo and left, even if we have been there. Makes sense!
We walked all the way and asked all the way, but never heard of any bullock cart statues here. In the process of this rampage, he turned around the bustling streets of Chinatown. It was hot and tired, and I didn't want to leave before leaving.

The origin of this "Dahua Theater" is very interesting. This theater was specially built for his wife by Yu Dongxuan, a wealthy Chinese businessman. He said that his wife had a theater to watch a movie once rejected him under, they built this big stage, but also the whole street to buy real estate Bryan comfort her! The way of comfort for the rich is really different. Wow, either the whole pond is bought or the whole street is bought. It seems that the song "As long as you are obedient to buy you a gai" is not written in vain, it really has a basis. .

🍲Songfa Bak Kut Teh is delicious and cost-effective

To Singapore , how can you not eat Bak Kut.
Lunch in Chinatown name Ding Ding Song of the trotters to eat. I have to admit that the Chinese are highly efficient, a small tea restaurant, long lines at the door, a line at the front door and a line at the back door, and there are waiters to guide and maintain order. Although the captain was crowded, it didn't take long to get there. After entering the store, the food is served quickly, and the waiters are quick and easy, and the turnover rate is high.

Bak Kut Teh is so delicious! The taste is very unique, the meat is crispy, the soup is delicious, and the fried dough sticks are soaked in it. The soup base can be "unlimited refills". Their tofu skin chicken feet are also delicious, as are pork meat and watercress. Horseshoe water must come, two more glasses will do, refreshing, thirst quenching and health preservation!
This meal was super satisfying, not expensive, and less than 100 RMB per person.

🏕️The flower house and sky tree in Gardens by the Bay

To get to Gardens by the Bay you have to pass under the Sands Hotel.
Sands called the most expensive hotels, three strings alongside her unique architectural style has become Singapore's landmark. I remembered that I used Weibo before, and I saw four tourists posing in the shape of a hotel---three guys standing side by side carrying a guy and taking photos with the hotel.
The afternoon sun is very hot, but the landscape platform under the giant sands hotel is unusually cool. The sisters sit and rest safely in the shadow of Jinsha, and they tend to get tired easily in the afternoon. This side is not far from the sea, occasionally the refreshing sea breeze hits, and I don't want to open my eyes comfortably.
The landscape platform stretches forward, and below is an article full of greenery, overlooking the Gardens by the Bay, you can see the sky tree, the Ferris wheel, and the flower house in the distance.

The most worth seeing of Gardens by the Bay is the two flower houses, "Cloud Forest" and "Flower Dome". After we had enough rest, we went on the road and headed to these two flower houses.
From the Sands Hotel stands go all the way to the greenhouse a long way, and good road scenery, all the way through India Garden, Chinese Garden, Malay Garden and Colonial Garden. Today is Saturday, in addition to tourists, many families of citizens are also leisurely playing in the garden.
Let's go to the "cloud forest" first.
Once at the door of the flower room, it was super cool! The air-conditioning inside came to my face, and I heard the sound of running water. Entering the flower room, a few silver ribbons seem to come from the sky. A huge waterfall flows down from the "top of the mountain". The mountain is full of various green plants and flowers. Take a closer look at the "mountain" and tourists under the waterfall. shuttle.
The light shining on the green plants reflected on the glass of the flower room, the city was enveloped by the green light, and the water vapor brought by the waterfall lingered in it, making people refreshing.

Along the way, it was exposed to the sun again, and it was running away again. The whole person was stunned. The coolness and comfort here makes people refreshed and full of blood. The sun is not sure if it is filtered out by the glass overhead, and suddenly becomes gentle and lovely. Shuttle through the forest, the shadows of the trees are whirling, and there are small flowers of various colors everywhere, revealing fragrance, so suitable for fairies to go down to earth! It's like a fairy tale forest.
We took out our mobile phone and tried to record this beauty, but no matter how we took it, we couldn't see it with the naked eye, the ethereal ear, and the fresh breath. Even people only hate that they are not good-looking enough. Self-portraits make the scenery look bad.

Cloud Forest is like a tall building dressed in forest robes. Outside are wonderful flowers and trees. Inside there are elevators and stairs. Inside there are plant science exhibitions. Each floor has a landscape on each floor, and some flyover corridors extend out of the building. , Let people appreciate her appearance better.
Looking up is an extremely clear blue sky. On the flyover, you can see the Golden Sands Hotel, the Ferris wheel, and the surrounding high-rise buildings. The original, which overlooks Singapore's landscape is also excellent.

Not only didn't he realize it, after staying in the Yunwu Forest for too long, I realized that the time was a bit tight, so I hurried to the second flower room "Flower Dome".
"Flower Dome" is worthy of its name, a sea of flowers. Covered with all kinds of flowers. Beauty is also beautiful, it is very suitable for taking pictures, but there is no cloud forest that is beyond vulgarity.
I like this tent surrounded by flowers. I saw that she fulfilled my little girl’s dream. Isn’t this the place where the flower fairy should live~

Ah, it's getting dark. It's getting dark. We want to see Dad Lion in the daytime.
These two flower houses are in the depths of Gardens by the Bay. It is painful to go out and take a taxi, and the roads in the garden are not straight. They are all circular and difficult to find. We painfully walked to the side of the road. It happened to be a bridge, so I couldn't stop for taxis, and walked to the entrance of the opposite hotel in pain to line up for taxis.
This is the case, the more anxious you are, the more time it will take. By the time Lion Daddy's sky was dark, the lights were on. Fortunately, the scenery at night is beautiful enough to comfort our regretful hearts that cannot see the daytime scenery.

🦁 Merlion tail watching the night of Lion City

Fish tail of a lion is a Singapore flag, was designed by the curator of the aquarium's image, sculptor carving a new wave of forest, lion symbol of the Lion City, fish represents Singapore's geographical characteristics close to the sea port.
The location is fine here, facing the distant father lion Sands Hotel, Gulf Front, backed by the bank brokerages lined with tall buildings, guarding the peace and the port of Singapore's economy.

It is very suitable for a daze.
After walking for a day, sitting on the stone steps, watching Father Lion spit water, he didn't want to say or move anything.
People always say that they hate the hustle and bustle of the city, and they like the simplicity of the countryside and forests, which make people feel peaceful.
As a child who grew up in a city, I like cities, and cities give me peace of mind.
Some people think that the high-rise buildings are reinforced with concrete, and some people feel that they are mechanically alienated. I like the beauty of order and force. There are crowds of feasting and bustling, and some people feel that depraved material desires, I like this kind of bustling and bustling. Some people feel numb and indifferent, I like this kind of efficient and busy, and I think people who work hard for life are very cute.
In cities, people have gathered together spontaneously for thousands of years. There are houses, shops, buses, banks, police, and defense mechanisms to protect everyone's safety. Therefore, in a prosperous and lively city, under the landmarks of the city, I feel particularly safe and peaceful inside.
It’s now.
Singapore The sea breeze at night is cool and refreshing, and the wind from the port blows into the nasal cavity, which has a wet, salty taste.

Get enough rest, get up and move.
Fish tail of a lion, as Singapore 's landmarks, super-punch for visitors to take photos of it. The more popular one is to make a fuss about "Papa Lion spit out water" and catch water with various ideas.
Play alone met a Korean sister, let me help her take pictures, I want to make this mouth below the water receiving photos. Her English is not good, and my English is not good. This kind of photos is very angle-sensitive. It is difficult for us to match the gestures and guess at a good angle.

Everyone is not very hungry. I went to the toast workshop for dinner, which cost less than 60 RMB per person, but the praise was very high in the evening.
The taste is really good, especially their signature laksa seafood noodles, the soup is fragrant and appetizing, and the taste is a bit like sand tea noodles. The signature toast is also very delicious, just the barley water tastes just so good, not as good as it is at noon~

At night we have to catch a sky tree light show. Go through the Golden Sands Hotel passing by during the day. The Sands Hotel at night is still so glorious and magnificent, judging from the lights, the occupancy rate is still quite high. Envy is still very envious. .
Don't think so unrealistic, the poor have to hurry.

The sky tree at night is lit by lights, like the landscape in "Avatar".
But the light show Well, to be honest, very general, and can not Shenzhen ratio.
I feel sorry for my taxi fare, Singapore taxi is expensive. But it's all here, and it's a pity not to watch it.
This is the case for many trips. If you don't see it, you will regret it; if you see it, you will be disappointed. Will you choose regret or disappointment?

3⃣️The third day

Today is a day of leisure Singapore downtown is only one arrangement, nearby Sudan church. Then go to Changi Airport to Kota Kinabalu . With less arrangement, it will be especially easy.

🕌Sultan mosque pigeon

Sultan Mosque is a mosque, to Singapore's first night there passing it.
Church in Kampong Glam area, this area is Singapore's Muslim neighborhoods. The streets are lined with colorful buildings and many flying pigeons.
The Sultan Mosque is very beautiful, with golden domes, white exterior walls, dotted with golden doors, windows and lines. The building has slender minarets, like an Arab castle.

There are many shops on the street that buy Arabian-style clothing, carpets, and chandeliers. The nearby residents are very good to the pigeons and will actively feed them. A shopkeeper put a big loaf on the curb, and pigeons flying all around swarmed in, happily grabbing food, the scene was very spectacular.

The Sultan Church is really a beautiful place. Many tourists check in and take pictures under this gate bridge.

Near the street it is also very unique, there is a long, deserted alley, the wall will be bright, roadside piled up a lot of cardboard boxes, street flavor, a bit like I was in Tokyo alley traveled.

✈️ Changi Airport is the most beautiful, no rebuttal

There is nothing wrong with Changi Airport being called the most beautiful airport! Do not accept rebuttals!
Super big, super easy to shop, no problem at all for a whole day of shopping. I really regret that I'm over and didn't reserve more time to visit Changi Airport.
The most famous Changi Airport is the Star Changi. The ring-shaped waterfall comes from the sky and continuously sprinkles into the pool. It is surrounded by tropical plants. Every floor is full of plants. This is also the case for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
The four terminals surround Changi, and each terminal is connected by a small train.
I took a small train to enter Xingyao Changi. The small train came in from the outside, and the exterior wall looked unremarkable. After driving in, it was like drilling into a dim cave, exiting from the cave, and entering another world. The amazing feeling brought by the little train is a bonus, and people still can't help but "wow". Everyone walks to the window to enjoy the outside scenery.

🇲🇾 arrived in Malaysia~

It's night when I arrive in Malaysia, and the hotel will go looking for food after putting my luggage.
It was late, the big shopping mall next to the hotel was closed, and the nearby restaurants seemed to be walking a long way. We all wanted to eat KFC by chance.
Coincidentally, I met a group of young people wearing KFC uniforms on the road. They told us that KFC was closed and pointed to the front. There was a McDonald's not far along the road.
Unexpectedly, when we went to McDonald's, we met them again, and they also came to eat McDonald's. We both laughed when we met acquaintances. What’s more interesting is that KFC staff wear work clothes to eat McDonald’s after work~ McDonald’s in
Malay buys a spicy chicken, which is very spicy! I ordered a spicy chicken this, and a spicy chicken to do this burger . To fire-breathing mouth feel, you know, I'm an upright Hunan people.
I persuade the other two friends to eat this spicy chicken food: eat more, it's very exciting.
Another Hunan people a Chongqing people say that eating too much. .
The spicy food on our side is a kind of deep spicy, full of stamina. It is often unknowingly spicy because of its delicious taste. It is easy to eat and eats hard. It takes a while to feel spicy.
It's this kind of spicy, a bit of the kind of devil chicken wings and abnormal chicken wings. It is a kind of spicy that floats on the surface. It is very spicy when eaten, and it is hot, and the food will feel hot.
All I know is that my mouth is swollen after this meal.

Kota Kinabalu 's net, I want to make complaints. Surprisingly slow.
Is this a 3G network? Like 1G, no, 0G.
Connected and not connected, WeChat always displays "Internet connection is not available". Not to mention checking Weibo and watching videos. .
The hotel's WIFI is also surprisingly slow, the WIFI that our room can receive is 0.
Leaving the Internet is like losing civilization.
I am so boring that I can only put the music in the phone's memory and sing to entertain myself.
Lin Zi is very good at singing on her phone. She and Da Xiong sing very well.
However, it’s still hard for the landscape to be accompanied by music. I really itch when I want to fight the king pesticide.
At 11:30, I couldn't help it anymore. I went to the hotel lobby on the first floor to meditate and do some pesticides. The WIFI in the hotel lobby was pretty good~
Although most of the games I played were lost, I felt cool after playing!

4⃣️ Fourth day

Today is a leisure trip for the elderly. Played a big night, noon to foraging near the mall, Mall Malay traditional dance performances, a bit like we Yunnan Guangxi bamboo dance minorities. I also rushed up and jumped, the bamboo pole caught my jio jio, but I was very happy.

Leisurely, I went to the floating mosque after having a meal in the afternoon, and shopping in the mall.

🕌The sunset glow of the floating mosque burned to the sky

The floating mosque is really beautiful, blue and white, surrounded by water, like a mysterious princess with a blue veil, sitting and lying in the middle of the water, admiring her reflection.
It started to rain slightly, and the sky became overcast. If it is inland, the sky will dim. But in the tropical coastal city of Kota Kinabalu , overcast days when the sky is not dazzling, color exceptionally beautiful, showing blue-violet, set off a mosque more romantic.

Unfortunately, we were a little late.
The interior of this mosque is very welcome for tourists, and Malay traditional costumes are also prepared for tourists for free. But we went too late and missed the opening hours for tourists.
Mosque on duty in front of the little brother is very lively and cheerful, he made it very slipped in learning Chinese, Chinese, know that we are Chinese people, we pulled up chatter practice speaking, proudly said how much the United States and the United States this mosque.

The mosque in the evening is the most beautiful. I thought that it was raining today and the sunset glow would not be visible. Unexpectedly, the sunset glow came out. The sky was golden and bright, and the white mosque also shone golden.

The sky in the distance seemed to have been burnt red. On both sides of the road were rows of coconut trees, and cars ran by with their headlights, like scenes from a movie.

We stared in awe, and it was getting darker before we knew it. When we turned our heads, the mosque behind us was already lit, and we could still hear the sound of singing and praying inside.

🍤 Musang King and Seafood Market

In the evening, I planned to take a taxi to Gaya Street for dinner, but I didn’t know if we didn’t make it clear or what happened. The driver took us to a very strange place, very deserted, not like a place with a night market.
Lin Zi has always been obsessed with Musang King. Fortunately, the driver said that there is a street nearby. Buy Musang King. His car can't get in. Let us go there a little bit.
That's not a little bit. We didn't see a shop selling durians after we walked so far, so we had to ask while walking. I feel that I walked for almost 2 kilometers and came to the beach. There is a lively night market. This is also a place where we pass by the car during the day and eat seafood. Under the overpass about 20 meters ahead, there are stalls selling durians, one family connected to one family.
I was a little excited when I ate Musang King for the first time.
There is a custom of Kai Mao Shan Wang. When it is opened, everyone will shout "Oh" loudly. The louder the call, the better it is. For businesses, this voice can also attract customers.
We bought a large Musang King and a small local durian for less than RMB 400. The price is a bit expensive, but it is really worth it.
Musang King tastes sweet and plump. It is the best durian I have ever tasted. There is no one! Like cream, it melts right away when sucked into the mouth. The local small durian has a unique taste. It is slightly different from ordinary durians. It is more sweet, but the meat is not as good as Musang King, with less meat, small size, more bones, not soft and waxy, and a bit rough.

The picture above is Musang King, and the bottom is local durian, which looks a bit like a kidney. .

The Musang King is very large and it is very satisfying to eat. There is some left over and I plan to take it away. The durian was a bit dry after eating, so I went to the opposite market to sell it.
The street opposite the night market is full of fresh frozen seafood. Seeing this big fish and prawns are very greedy. No matter how full the durian is, it can't be eaten as a meal. You still have to eat a regular meal.

The price is super affordable, big shrimp, big crab (still soft-shell crab), fresh fish, the price is still affordable (one hundred and eight yuan per person), and the taste is good, we specially told the boss not to have curry flavor but spicy. The boss made us a Thai style, a bit sweet and sour spicy. It is really spicy, especially the fish. The local chilli is used. It is a bit similar to the spicy chicken yesterday, but with lime juice, it tastes very good. strength.
Eating seafood, sucking a big mouthful of fat boy happy water, full of moving!

Satiate, to sleep early, tomorrow we reported day tour group on the island, snorkeling, mangroves see gibbons, fireflies, all are safe row full to the brim it, got to get up early to start good night ~ ~

🏖️Snorkel in Mermaid Island and make a wish with starfish

Early in the morning the driver came to the hotel to meet people, tour guides are Malaysian Chinese, a car are Chinese people, we communicate accessibility.
After an hour’s ride, I took a speedboat to the island. The speedboat took more than 40 minutes to get to the island. The speedboat drove very waves, and the boat was swaying desperately on the sea. The tour guide played the best DJ music, and it felt like a group of people dancing on the sea.
When I just got on the boat, the sea was gray-blue. I was a little disappointed. The water quality is not good. How about diving? Go ahead. The water is dark blue and light blue. The further behind, the lighter the water, the clearer and clearer. Transparent.
The boat stops at a beautiful island, Mermaid Island . The most surprising thing about the island is not the light yellow sand and the mermaid statue that greets us, but there are no other tourists on the island, it is very peaceful, we are the first group of guests to land today.

The island is very big and there are not many people, so it just happens to have fun.
There are swings for tourists to take pictures on the coast. Rows of white lounge chairs are leaning against the beach, and a natural parasol is spread out on the lounge chairs. It is full of vacation feeling. It would be even more refreshing if there is another bottle of iced Kuo Le Up.

Flamingo ashore hovercraft, drop it into the sea, flying to the sea water , clinging to his neck flamingo, jumped hovercraft.
What about golden autumn and October, it is obviously summer?
Sunny beach sea water, and it filled the summer here -
lying on Flamingo, meet passionate sun, into his foot like a jelly like sea water , has wanted to float down like this.

The tour guide dragged a transparent glass boat, on the boat, better feel the clear and transparent sea~

Next, everyone boarded a clipper and pulled us to the snorkeling waters.
This is my first time snorkeling. The breathing mask needs to be bitten with teeth. There is a tube on it. The human face sinks under the sea. The tube needs to be exposed to sleep to absorb air.

The tour guide did not allow us to dive, so we had to slowly go into the water on the boat.
To the water , there are a lot of staff to take care of us, a coach with twenty-three tourists, of course, you can also choose to play.
The water here is really clear, coral and fish a lot of water below, see clearly, than before in Nha Trang better vision dive.

Our guide is a Malaysian Chinese, is a lively and enthusiastic fat, swam to the bottom fishing shells and starfish to us.
The starfish here are the same color as the sea, and they are beautiful blue.
The tour guide said: Here, take a vow starfish, then toss it in the water , particularly efficacious -
took starfish, touch is real hard. The starfish I came into contact with was a grilled yellow starfish on a barbecue stall. This one looks too pretty and doesn't feel like a real starfish, like plastic.
Everyone made a wish and threw it into the sea. The tour guide asked us what we wished. Everyone's answers were the same, "get rich." .

We snorkeled in two waters, the second one has a big coral, which is more beautiful.
After snorkeling, we pulled us onto a very small island. The island was crescent-shaped, just a little bit big, and you could see the end at a glance. Standing on the island, surrounded by sea water. The sand is soft and golden, and there are many dead woods on the ground. The blue water and blue are layered, showing different colors in circles, and the sky above the head is extremely empty and turbulent.
This island is particularly dreamy, much like the preset desktop pictures of Windows and the background cloth for taking wedding photos.
It's a pity that the stay was very short, about ten minutes, before being called back to the boat by the tour guide.

🏞️Proboscis monkey and sunset in mangrove forest

In the Mermaid Island eaten lunch on, head to the mangroves to see proboscis monkeys.
The water in the mangrove sea is blue-black and a bit turbid. This side is a wetland swamp, and I always feel that there are creatures lurking under it.
I asked the tour guide: " Are there any crocodiles in the water ?" This scene is really like a place where crocodiles can appear.
The tour guide said there are no crocodiles, but there are huge water lizards.
I did not see the water lizards, but seeing snakes in the water dancing, is a very scary.
We came to see the Malaysian national treasure proboscis monkey, but the thing you see is gray soil of a small monkey.
The tour guide said that this kind of monkey is very stubborn and always likes to snatch tourists' mobile phones and personal belongings, which are very bad. You can understand people's words and know you scold him. Last time a monkey was scolded and stood on a tree to pee on the boat.
The monkey didn't attack our ship, but he saw that he was very clever, and when he saw people, he walked directly towards us.

The boat was heading into the mangrove forest and we saw the proboscis monkey.
The monkey is golden golden, looks very beautiful, and is huge.
The tour guide said that this proboscis monkey is very shy, we must keep quiet, too loud will scare it away.
The proboscis monkey is really shy, climbing high, we are some distance away from him, and can't see the big noses on their faces.

It was almost evening, and the boat drove back. The tour guide said that he would show us the sunset on the beach. The sunset here is particularly beautiful.
But no matter how fast it is, it can’t be as fast as the sun sets. The sky is already red. It seems that we are going to enjoy the sunset in the mangrove forest.
The sky was like a yolk with its skin broken, and the yolk flowed from the horizon to the sky and to the water.
After a while, the sky became darker, and the sky and water surface became more golden.
The tour guide said: It is about to rain, we have to hurry.
There was a drizzle in the sky.

The most pleasant surprise is that after landing, we actually saw a rainbow! A complete arched rainbow, the sky appears pink!
Oh my god, this is too romantic! It's so romantic that I want to cry.

🌅The sunset sky

We were urged by the tour guide to get into a van, race against the sunset, and accelerate us to the beach.

This is the realm of the sky. It's dark and you can't see the human face, but the sun in the distance still emits a gleam, water and sky.

🌌Mangrove fireflies that can only be seen with the naked eye

After watching the sky, we went to the mangrove forest to see the fireflies in the evening.
This is an experience that you will never believe if you don’t watch it.
Sitting in a small boat, sailing towards the dark mangroves, suddenly, there was a rush of stars, like a Christmas tree illuminated by colorful lights.
Fireflies will also fly towards you from the woods, circle the boat, and even stop on your body.
Unfortunately, this kind of beautiful scenery cannot be captured by mobile phones, and this kind of experience video cannot be recorded.
The photos I took were also a few stars in the dark, very ordinary.

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