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Miss sister takes you to unlock the Singapore Internet celebrity restaurant

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I have a Nanyang plot, walking in the old arcade street, the kind of intimacy that comes from the shop, lingering, I always eat not greasy coconut milk curry, Hainanese chicken rice, Bak Kut Teh, ice cream bread, Laksa , And the kaya toast + black coffee that I must order for breakfast. They really fit my stomach 100%.


So, you're in Singapore What kind of impression? Very clean city, there will be a small fountain of lions , there is still singing Stefanie, I can only think he mentioned this, but when I really standing here, I realized that this city not so far away Simple, it is also a city made of reinforced concrete, but it is decorated as warm as a garden

It also saw the quiet guardian of everyone's belief, tolerance of different religious cultures: India , Buddhism temples, Dome of the Rock, the Catholic Church, do not disturb, suddenly understand why this small fishing village can attract so many Chinese, Malay even Ou Meiguo people degree to settle, and then step by step it will fight the ultra-modern city, that you can see its traces of the past, now prosperous, imagine a better future

This 1929 inn is named in our Singapore residence, one can reach a historic building, there was originally Singapore famous Flower Street, sensual pleasures of the land, once hanging on the walls of the old black and white photographs of the house, they wear Ming and Qing Dynasty clothes, face and both looked the same period, China is almost the same

Q Loft Hotel1929@Chinatown

Nowadays, it has changed its appearance. It has a brisk and bright tone. After night falls, you can hear the fresh singing in the tavern. It is not noisy. Living here, sleeping with if there is no music, is also a kind of tender

After a long time, I’m about to start a formal trip to explore the shop. Thank you for my eternal travel partner Miss Woolen Rabbit. After becoming a celebrity on a well-known review site, I started to treasure the food everywhere, so I was so busy with work that I was dizzy. I am also fortunate to have eaten a restaurant that is very popular in the local area. Don’t worry. The following restaurants do not normally need to line up (except holidays). You can safely check in and quote the words of Brother Sang, “Why line up for a cup of milk tea It's a lot of life"

Large Chinese Bakery
(old Chinese hand-made moon cake)
Recommendation: ❤❤❤❤❤
Address: Take the MRT to NE4 Chinatown, the station went to southeast Smith Street, in the street
just past the Mid-Autumn Festival, in Singapore feels the different and domestic holiday atmosphere, with lanterns and festoons, full of lanterns, always at CCTV evenings, seeing the celebration scenes of overseas Chinese, lion dances and firecrackers, I did not expect to see such a lively In the scene, the Chinese people far away are celebrating their festivals in this way. I think they may cherish every traditional festival more than the Chinese people.


Wanted to give his family took a few Singapore Traditional moon cake, so along chinatown streets, consult your local elders, the results of ninety percent of the old Chinese told me that in "Great China " bought on the way, "Big The name " China " sounds so kind. I heard that his home has been open for many, many years, and he is well-known in the local Chinese circle.

Chinese Bakery

Not far away, he smelled the scent of pastries. He was not like a shop. He said that he was a bakery. It was more appropriate. The shelves were full of freshly baked moon cakes, one as big as half a face. Old customers are familiar with it. Come here from the familiar road, buy three or five boxes, by the way, chat with the boss about the homework, they are very curious to ask me where I come from, how to know here, and finally smiled and told me that I found the right place

Chinese Bakery

Since its opening in 1935, it has been using the most original formulas, handmade, and even the packaging is exceptionally simple

Chinese Bakery

It’s been a long time since we have seen such simple packaging. Since then, our mooncakes have become more and more exquisite, with more and more flavors. The value of the packaging box is even higher than that of the mooncake itself, almost forgetting the original appearance of the mooncake. Cut the brown skin, the red bean paste-flavored lotus seed paste is wrapped with an orange-yellow egg yolk. The sweetness is just right, not greasy, and slightly bitter after baking. I will remember this taste and pass it on for generations of Chinese homesickness the taste of

Chinese Bakery

Where the Hong Kong oil chicken rice surface
(one Michelin star restaurant)
Recommendation: ❤❤❤❤
Address: 335 Smith Street, big (nearly Wong Loy Kee)
it in front of the sign reads: "the history of the world's most affordable one star "Michelin Meals", a simple, clear and somewhat simple introduction, it makes people feel very grounded, not like Michelin style at all. The location is also in the very pyrotechnic Chinatown Chinatown. I thought the store was full of tourists. Unexpectedly, there are many locals. The uncle next to him is an old overseas Chinese living nearby. He had dinner here alone.

Liao Fan Hong Kong Oil Chicken Rice Noodle

The TV shows the process of Mr. Chen Hanming’s Michelin award. It’s a bit touching. It’s not easy to make street snacks recognized by the eldest Michelin in the catering industry. It includes his more than 20 years of hard work, perhaps It is not as famous as Ono Jiro, the god of sushi, but these two old gentlemen have the same obsession
. The row of greasy roast chickens hanging behind the bar is the head of this restaurant. covet, we ordered the signature chicken rice oil and oil chicken noodle, meal do not line up, waiting for the call number is probably only took five minutes, went to Hong Kong friends should they quite intimacy, and now want a little regret not Order another Hong Kong-style barbecued pork

Liao Fan Hong Kong Oil Chicken Rice Noodle

Although all chicken skin is dark red after the burning, but the meat inside is like stew too, especially fresh, it seems you can not swallow, straight slide down, featured Malaysian Chicken, the taste is like, more personal taste It's heavy spicy, so it will be served with chili sauce, but the locals eat it with a rich soy sauce. Maybe the salty sweet is the authentic Hong Kong-style flavor.

Liao Fan Hong Kong Oil Chicken Rice Noodle

Wong Janice
Asian dessert Queen's shop)
Recommendation: ❤❤❤❤❤
Address: 93 Stamford Road # 01-06 National Museum Singapore ( Singapore National Museum)
, Singapore The National Museum is built in a park surrounded by plants. When you step out of the weight of history and see a world full of greenery, you will take a long breath. The shop of Asian dessert queen Janice Wong is also low-key. Open here, when you walk in, it opens a feast of vision and taste

The store is not big, but each customer has a relatively independent space. Even in the middle position, there are colorful tie-dye curtains separating the front and back.

Hanasakura, too amazing! It can’t be summed up with desserts. It’s really a work of art. The MM in the store let us cut up and eat. The yogurt, strawberry mousse, plum wine jelly, and black currant shell melted in our mouths. It was a perfect one. the taste of happiness

The drip-shaped plate, with impeccable details, it turns out that dessert can be so elegant

I chose a mooncake with local characteristics, because it is a taste that can only be eaten here. It is made with Pandan pandan leaves, a plant in Malaysia , which resembles banana leaves. The locals will use it for pastries. , Cooking curry, and even steaming it with rice, especially fragrant. Subverting the traditional turquoise skin, the inset is still lotus seed paste. For me, it is a bit too sweet, but when I think about it, this is more in line with the style of Nanyang compatible package.

Mochi, Hokkien called muah ji, and Taiwan pronunciation is consistent, but it is a completely different thing, it probably is more like Japan 's big blessing, but again some of the delicate, soft waxy waxy skin, wrapped jam cream, super Q, cute to burst could not bear it, in fact, we have only two points, the other is a caramel taste clerk MM multi feed, simply flattered, where possible Chinese guests less? Anyway, I am very happy ^ ^

Hana Japanese Restaurant
(Flying Noodles)
Recommendation Index: ❤❤❤
Address: 583 Orchard Road | #01-17, Singapore 238884, Singapore
If you have to talk about the shortcomings, it is too hidden. If it's not like a rabbit, I really I almost gave up. I came out of the Orchard Road MRT station and found the Hilton Hotel. There is an unobtrusive shopping mall behind the hotel. I saw it on the first floor. A girl I like very much is also called hana, so I saw this The name of the shop, I was a little excited

Industrial wind-store design, the middle of a circular bar, which placed mostly Japanese wine, guests twos and threes, will drink about here, of course, there alone to visit the girls, the environment here makes possible extra Relax

The first four flying on the menu are all flying noodles. We ordered the first seasoning sauce which is slightly spicy, but apart from the novel shape, the taste is flat.

In comparison, I prefer cheese flame sushi rolls. The waiter will put a thick layer of cheese on the sushi, and then ignite it with a torch. The surface will feel crispy.

Different from the cheese products eaten in other places, it is on-site. After the sushi is on the table, pour in a super thick layer of cheese

Then use a torch to ignite the outer layer of alcohol to form a flame, which burns slowly, melting the cheese inside

You can eat while burning. I'm a little timid, I'm afraid that the wooden chopsticks will burn, so I wait until the fire is out before eating. I like the crispy and charred texture on the outside.

The creative Japanese food is easy to attract people's attention, but the food itself is not amazing. The price of a bowl of noodles given three stars and 25 Singapore dollars is a bit unreasonable.

Huaguoshan durian
(landmine, can’t give me a negative score)
recommendation index: ❤
Address: Chinatown Building #01-300/301/303 (Keong Saik Road), 335 Smith Street
, not far from our hotel, passing by every day You will see that the evaluation on the Internet search is quite high. It is a large store that specializes in durians. It is listed in the freezer according to different levels. In addition to fresh durians, there are also durian products such as dried durians. The walls are covered with bosses. With photos of various stars, you can pay by Alipay and WeChat. In short, there is no reason to refuse it. After entangled again and again, I decided to spend 40 SGD (200 RMB) to taste the best variety strongly recommended by the boss, king of king's ,There are three yuan in a box, which is about one-third of the quantity, which is not cheap, but we all believe in the principle of what you pay for.

However, after eating the first piece, I regretted it, it is exactly the taste of ordinary supermarket durian! Felt deeply deceived by the boss, suddenly a little miss in the Mekong River cruise, life first taste of durian port, 50 soft money a whole stars, delicious to cry, along with the ship's friends in Europe and America thumbs up, can not help but sigh The honesty of the Vietnamese farmer. Of course, I still believe that there are really delicious durians in Po County. After all, they are so close to Malaysia. Welcome to recommend! Next time I go to Malaysia, I don’t want to step on landmines~

Trolley ice cream bread
(recommended by Nicholas Tse)
Recommendation index: ❤❤❤
Address: Orchard Road Ngee An City gate
until now we don’t know if this ice cream bread we eat is the one recommended by Nicholas Tse in "The Twelve Ways of Frontier Flavor" home, but only in front of Ngee Ann City this grandfather of a stall, for several days have seen him here, in fact, in Southeast Asia, you can see many of these areas a combination of bread, Thailand , there are many, may be a slight taste of ice cream Make a difference

Mango flavored and chocolate flavored. The cool and sweet combination is the best summer snack. Next time you can help me taste durian and green tea flavors and tell me how it tastes. Good?

To Samsung not because it does not taste good, but too common, do not persist in this one, of course, if you happen to meet, or can support what is said

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe
(the most adorable airport restaurant)
recommendation index: ❤❤❤❤
Address: #01-22, Changi Airport Terminal 3
forgot to spend the night at the airport for the first time, compared with the previous experience of being frozen as a dog, this One night made people feel very warm. It was early in the morning after we got off the plane. We had to wait until dawn when the subway started operating, so we came to this 24-hour hello kitty restaurant to check in. In such a matte restaurant, there are two waiters. A very serious uncle, a bit of a sense of disobedience, but they are all very nice, and watched our tossing and tossing all night quietly.

There is no way to order hot meals after 12 o'clock, but drinks and cakes are provided

Lemon-flavored mousse cake, cute enough to foul

Hokkaido Ice Cream puffs
(Haji lane)
Recommendation: ❤❤❤
Address: Haji lane
Haji Lane a little like Shanghai Tian Zi Fang, but more design sense, graffiti on the wall can also see it uninhibited personality, like here every bold colors, bistro abstract ideas, even the Sudanese church Lvpao are glowing, well-shaped commercial street, the shops scattered

Haji Lane

Compare favored a custom sandals shop, I believe that a good pair of sandals, it can accompany their own way in the world, at least in Southeast Asia, no problem

Haji Lane

Nice graffiti wall

Haji Lane
Haji Lane
Haji Lane

The puff shop is diagonally across from the flip flops. A Japanese girl saw the three words Hokkaido ", her eyes lighted up, she rushed in and bought a matcha flavored tea. I enjoyed it and got the following dialogue
rabbit: "good thing?"
Nemo: "eat that this is not a Uji Matcha"
rabbit: "......."

Actually, I’m not a picky person, but the matcha in this shop really doesn’t taste like tea. If you happen to walk into this shop, you can try other flavours. You might be surprised. Give three points because the environment is okay. It’s a good choice to take a break when you’re tired

Songfa Bak Kut Teh
(Authentic Nanyang Flavor)
Recommendation Index: ❤❤❤❤
Address: Orchard Road Centerpoint Mall 2nd Floor For
a long time, I naively thought Bak Kut Teh is a kind of tea, I don’t know how many people are with me I had the same myth. It took a long time to learn that it was because the Chinese went to Nanyang to do business earlier. They fell ill and avoided taking medicine, so they changed it to tea. Later, someone put a piece of pork bone in it and thought it tasted good. , With today’s "Bak Kut Teh", it is simply our stewed ribs, but they will add pepper or Chinese herbs to the soup

Songfa Bak Kut Teh

Songfa Bak Kut Teh is also a restaurant recommended in the Michelin Guide. You can choose to go to some shops that are not very crowded, such as this one in the Orchard Road Mall we chose. No need to wait, just go to the table and order a large portion. Bak Kut Teh and braised trotters, serving fast

Songfa Bak Kut Teh

Likes to drink trotters soup, because adding the pepper, it will warm drink, you know Singapore although very hot, but air conditioning in public places have opened special enough, often shopping wandered cold hands and feet, would want to eat If you order something hot, the tea soup can be added indefinitely. The waiter in the store will hold a large teapot and add soup to the guests in time.

Songfa Bak Kut Teh

Braised trotters, we must recommend it. It is especially tasty and melts in the mouth. It is very suitable for eating with rice.

Dahua Pork Barley Noodles
(Recommended by the Michelin Guide)
Recommendation Index: ❤❤❤
Address: Ge Luofu Lane 466 Block #01-12 (near Wucao River) is
also a long-established store, recommended by the Michelin Guide, it can also be regarded as a street For snacks, this restaurant needs to line up for a while, about ten minutes, there are many people here, the price is not expensive

We ordered soup noodles and dried noodles. The dried noodles were more delicious and full of flavor. They contained pork liver, minced meat, and the oil residue from the fried rice at home after snacks. It was amazing.

Maybe it's because I ordered noodle soup, which tastes mediocre, but my friend said dried noodles are delicious, so I recommend it!

The old store that the media is rushing to report is very close from Haji Lane, you can try it

Tavern recommendation: DC Tavern on Gongxi Road.
Reason for recommendation: There are singers on site every night. The atmosphere is very good. It is not noisy.
This tavern is just downstairs of our hotel. If you drink too much, you are not afraid to go back to your room to sleep. It’s a place where girls can also go, because the waiters in the pub are very nice and they can speak Chinese. They can even interact with singers. They can order songs for free. The boys play the guitar and the girls sing. The clean and crisp sound is very nice. , I ordered a glass of HAKUSHU. The rabbit ordered the lychee martini. Her sea is very delicious. Mine is the taste of whiskey. Later, I added a slice of lemon and the taste is slightly better.

If you want a little excitement, high point, Prive recommended Clarke Quay
for the first time is passing this dock arrived in Singapore in the morning, can not stay at the hotel, just follow the direction to move forward Orchard Road, just through here on his way, Seeing many closed taverns, there is a smell that the crowds have just disappeared. Although the tables and chairs have been erected, you can still feel the restlessness of the night.

Clarke Quay

One night later, we once again came here along the river and saw a completely different picture, than expected but also in lively, every shop full of people, whether tourists or locals, there are many in Europe Faces girl, Are all here wanting to have an unforgettable night

Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay

The breakfast shop
likes these breakfast shops opened by Chinese people. They have a special smell of fireworks. They eat and read the newspaper of the day. They are all people living nearby. When some old customers come over, the lady boss will know what they want. It feels very good, just find a small shop on the corner of the street, the taste is very authentic

We live in the East Downstairs there is a restaurant, attached a few days that are in the side and a bunch of old man eating breakfast together, and then I turned it also has opened almost 100 years in a row! Operates the most authentic Nanyang style breakfast

Everything in the breakfast shop is cheap and delicious. I like kaya toast, which is actually two slices of toast with a layer of coconut paste and butter in between. If you think it’s a bit too sweet, match it with a cup of black coffee

I also like curry noodles. I love the Nanyang style curry because it has a strong coconut milk fragrance.

The first time I ate a soft-boiled egg, I was really surprised. I thought it was an ordinary soft-boiled egg, but it slipped out when I opened the eggshell! Facing the two water eggs in the bowl, I was really at a loss. I could only watch the uncle next to me draw a gourd, just like beating eggs, completely stir them, and then drizzle with soy sauce and pepper, and drink it! Suddenly I think it should be paired with a fritter

Originally wanted to eat Yiqun Hainan chicken rice, although written on the door of the brand is open 9:00, we arrived already more than 10 points, the boss face stinks, they drive us out, and sure enough it Diandaqike , Forget it, so I chose a breakfast shop next to him and had a brunch

recommends the reason: the service attitude is much better than Yiqun, next to Yiqun, authentic and time-honored Nanyang breakfast

There is a big old photo from the last century in the restaurant, which has a very nostalgic feeling

split line

In addition to eat Oh, we also have decent cards to play some famous attractions clatter, such as water spray small lion , Ferris wheel, Universal Studios, ah, so much, ha ha, others do not go!
It is said that in Singapore there are four small lion In the Merlion Park, there is a mother and a baby. On Sentosa Island, that is the father. There is also a baby on Mount Fabar.

Aviator Ferris Wheel
This giant Ferris wheel is still necessary to sit on. Although the fare is not cheap 33 Singapore dollars per person, you can really see the invincible night view. Singapore itself is not big, and those famous attractions can be included in the view. inside, it is said you can still see Malaysia and Indonesia Part of the island, but it’s not that clear to see at night. One of its warehouses is very large, not the kind that two or four people sit in. This one can hold more than 10 people, and it can also hold parties, dinners, etc. different activities

The pixels of the phone are not good, everyone feel it, this is beautiful!

Universal Studios Sentosa
has learned the lesson from the previous trip to Disney. This time we went out at 7 o'clock in the morning. We thought it was a long journey. Who knows, the subway is only two stops away! It took half an hour from the hotel to the entrance of the park! When the door opens at 9 in the morning, everyone will line up at the door first. There are fast customs clearance and you can go in first, but there are really not many people. We have already played everything before 2 o’clock. We didn’t take many photos because it was completely There is no queuing, and from one project to another, they all rush to the past quickly

If you have to recommend it, the most scary thing is the two-color roller coaster. We were sitting together and we were about to throw up. After playing the one, I think it’s not a big deal. In short, I think Universal Studios is more suitable for adults. Suitable for bringing children to play together

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